Are Unhealthy Habits the "New Normal"? 5 Tips to Fix this Predicament

Blame it on fast food burgers and fries, food porn in media, a stressful job,

household obligations, and even a slow metabolism, but the fact remains: people

are becoming increasingly unhealthy.

And the sad part is it seems “unhealthy” habits are becoming the “new normal.”

A study conducted by Council and the Heart Foundation found that 4 out of 5

respondents felt that overeating had become the new normal while 85% said

occasional treats like chocolates and junk food have now become their everyday food.

Aside from overeating, skipping breakfast and skipping vegetables in their diet is

also common.

This is the state of health across many countries and when people accept unhealthy

eating habits as a way of life, then things are only going to get worse.

Are Unhealthy Habits the “New Normal" ? 5 Tips to Fix this Predicament

From our weight to our hair, unhealthy habits pose serious health concerns.

They also put us at risk for diseases.

Well, you probably already know them by now, but how come you have not come up

with ways to become a healthy individual?

You all know about proper diet and regular exercise for sure, so the more important

question to be asked is this:

How do we commit ourselves to living healthier?

How do we make healthy living a more “doable” exercise?

Here are ways to beat the predicament.

Comfort Eating When Stressed?

Are Unhealthy Habits the “New Normal" ? 5 Tips to Fix this Predicament

Unhealthy choices are often caused by stress.

A study by the American Psychological Association found that 43% of all adults

suffer adverse health effects because of stress.

They report hypertension, anxiety, depression, and obesity.

Aside from the actual source of stress like work problems, matters become worse

because of the way they deal with stress: comfort eating, poor diet choices, smoking,

and inactivity.

The study found that 4 out of 5 Americans turn to food to help them deal with stress

or what is commonly referred to as comfort eating.

But the truth is that comfort eating does not really alleviate stress.

In fact, stress levels are higher for frequent fast food eaters and exhibit lack of energy,

nervousness, irritability and trouble at sleeping.

Sixty-five percent of comfort eaters are also extremely overweight.

If you are wondering how to become healthy physically, stop turning to food when stressed.

Find other ways to deal with it and stay away from fast food.

Beat Stress, Bring Back Your Crowning Glory

Are Unhealthy Habits the “New Normal" ? 5 Tips to Fix this Predicament

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Aside from overeating, stress is also to be blamed for another major physical concern:

hair loss.

Dermatologist Jerry Shapiro of the NYU Langone Medical Center said that hair loss or

hair fall can occur six weeks to three months after a stressful event, likely of the three B’s:

bereavement, bankruptcy, and break-ups or divorce.

Hair health problems caused by stress are called telogen effluvium, which is also commonly

caused by giving birth or having a major surgery.

Stressful events plus aging, hormones, and genes are all contributing factors to hair loss.

Stress makes it more sudden.

This is why options like hair transplant and hair restoration are becoming more popular

these days.

According to International Society for Hair Restorations, nearly a million procedures were

performed in 2012 all over the world.

Such procedures, along with balanced lifestyle and healthy eating choices, make bringing

back luscious and healthy hair faster and easier.

Consult your doctor regarding your concerns about hair restoration.

Be Healthier, Exercise Together

Are Unhealthy Habits the “New Normal" ? 5 Tips to Fix this Predicament

Exercise is fun. Oh c’mon, who are we kidding?

But it can be.

Especially if done regularly with a group.

This is perhaps the reason why zumba, yoga, or hip hop classes are well-attended.

It’s always more fun to do things with friends.

Misery loves company, doesn’t it?

Getting fit also loves some company.

Organize dance classes with friends and you may even get a discount.

You may also just hire a trainer to hold private classes at home.

You can take  late-night jogs with friends or walk your dogs together.

Biking clubs are also gaining momentum these days.

Sleep Better for Better Health

Are Unhealthy Habits the “New Normal" ? 5 Tips to Fix this Predicament

Is sleep a luxury to you?

You must put an end to that now if you are trying to find ways to become a healthy individual.

Sleep problems are so common that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention referred

to them as a “public health epidemic.”

Only 5% of people sleep more than nine hours straight.

That’s too bad because the benefits are endless.

Better sleep makes you happier, improves your memory and learning abilities, reduces risk

for depression and anxiety as well as certain diseases, makes your skin healthier, and even

improves your sex life.

Did you know that sleeping for more than seven hours straight also reduces risk for obesity?

One study showed that people who sleep less than seven hours straight a night are 7.5 times

more likely to be overweight.

Researchers blame sleep deprivation for hormonal changes that further stimulates one’s appetite.

Those who lack sleep also lose their ability to control their blood sugar causing type 2 Diabetes,

even if they are skinny.

So as it turns out, one of the best hacks to be healthy is to just to get enough sleep.

You Have to Be Realistic

Are Unhealthy Habits the “New Normal" ? 5 Tips to Fix this Predicament

One reason why most people cannot commit themselves to changing their unhealthy lifestyle

is because of goals that are impossible to manage.

Being healthy is a lifetime commitment.

You can’t make goals such as 20 pounds in two weeks and torture yourself if you are not able

to achieve it.

Have a plan, stick to it, and be realistic at all times or you will just end up in deep frustration

and may even find yourself going back to your old unhealthy habits.

The struggle is real.

There’s a drive-thru at every turn and a fast food outlet on every corner.

And sometimes, you just need to get your hand on a burger or an ice cream bar to

make you feel better.

It does take courage, determination, and a whole lot of discipline to walk away.

It also takes commitment to stick to a fitness plan that involves diet and exercise.

But nothing worth having, like a healthy mind and body, is not worth sacrificing for.


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