When it comes to gifts, giving truly is better than receiving. One reason may be the fact that selecting precisely the right present for somebody else is hard. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to take a whole lot of effort to find the ideal gift that your special someone will treasure always. In the interest of happy gift-givers and satisfied recipients everywhere, we’re pleased to present a few savvy tips regarding the time-honored art of giving.

Let the gift hunting begin

The Art of Giving: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift for Your Loved One

Start your shopping excursion by making a list of the gift recipient’s likes and dislikes. Make a note of their hobbies, favorite books, best-loved foods, preferred sports teams, and the like. Jot down their favorite colors and signature scent, if any. Spend at least two minutes on this list. Yes, it’s that important, explains .

Once you’ve got a fairly accurate description of your pal in place, use the aforementioned likes and dislikes to brainstorm a gift for each and every trait on the list. Of course, you don’t have to go overboard and buy something for each trait. But working your brain in this fashion will give you plentiful gift options from which to choose. Does your friend love bacon? Get them a bacon-of-the-month subscription, and they’ll be in hog heaven every month. Does your giftee love to read? Trade a crate of your own used books to a resale store that offers credit. Slip the receipt into a pretty gift card, and your bookworm buddy can select their own custom trove of reading material.

Offer an experience or the gift of time in lieu of stuff

The Art of Giving: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift for Your Loved One

Everyone knows someone who seems to have it all and is in need of nothing. No gadget, trinket, bauble, or book will add to their already brimming coffers. Guess what. That well-off person could undoubtedly use some more time. Design a cute coupon offering to walk their dogs for a week or to water their flowerbeds while they go away for the weekend.

Likewise, an experience can be a fabulous gift for the ‘person who has everything.’ Say your sister in law loves novels. Find a play or movie based on her favorite novel, and score a couple of tickets. The experience of sitting in a hushed theater enjoying great dialog and clever scenery can be one of the most cherished and memorable gifts a person ever receives.

Rethink what gift giving is all about

The Art of Giving: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift for Your Loved One

If you change your perceptions about gift giving, you may come up with the ideal token with which to express your appreciation to a certain someone. Consider that any gift you offer actually speaks to the recipient. If the recipient is perceptive, they will understand what your gift is meant to say, explains magazine.

Even a modest gift can mean a lot when you take the time to make it personal. Online gift boutiques that offer a range of are fun to shop at and convenient, too. Present your recipient with a personalized apron or a king-size coffee mug with their name emblazoned on the side, and they are bound to appreciate your thoughtfulness for a long, long time.

Believe it or not, there is serious psychology behind the notion of gift-giving, and it’s tougher than you imagine to get inside another person’s head and truly understand what it is they want, warns magazine. Do your best to present a gift that reflects the taste of the recipient, not your own personal preference. Also, make an effort to offer a gift that is in keeping with the recipient’s personal tradition. If your sweetheart loves Valentine’s Day, and you think it’s a crassly commercial holiday, go ahead and give your honey a well considered Valentine’s gift all the same.

Out of ideas? Go high tech

The Art of Giving: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift for Your Loved One
When all efforts at obtaining the ideal offering fail, turn to technology. So say gift-buying experts at magazine. Scout about to find a number of high-tech gift idea generators that provide shopping hints that are sometimes, but not always, quite helpful. Other high-tech treats for savvy shoppers include barcode scanners that you can use in-store to compare prices at nearby retail outlets.

The Art of Giving: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift for Your Loved One

Gift giving ought to be fun for parties on both sides. Try not to overthink the meaning behind a certain gift, and always be grateful that someone thought well enough of you to give you a present.

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The Art of Giving: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift for Your Loved One