The weather is finally nice enough to make people want to spend time outside. You’re probably planning some great vacations or spending the weekends hiking on trails or exploring your town. Another great way to enjoy the beautiful weather is to make memories in your backyard. That’s easy enough to want to do, but it’s different trying to do it when your backyard isn’t exactly welcoming.
Your home should be a place you look forward to spending time in, and that includes your backyard. If you think you need some help giving your yard a makeover, read on for some tips that will help you transform it into a vacation oasis. You’ll want to spend all your time out there when you’re done, because it’ll provide a space where you can feel like you’re getting away from the stress and routine of everyday life.

A great way to enjoy the beautiful weather is to make memories in your #backyard. Here are some easy to implement tips for vacationing in your own backyard.Click To Tweet

Consider Your Space

What do you want to use your backyard for? You might be interested in starting a garden or having people over to grill out with you. Maybe you’d enjoy having a quiet reading nook for those evenings where you want to watch the sunset over your favorite novel. You can do a little bit or all of it in your backyard if you think about how to use your space best. Mentally chart out where you’ll put each activity so you know how to move forward.
How to Make Your Backyard a Vacation Oasis 

Visualize Potential Furniture

You’ll eventually have to get furniture if you want to relax or entertain in your backyard, so imagine what would work best in your yard. Long couches or individual chairs? Maybe a table with an umbrella or even a coffee table. The furniture you’ll need for large parties or private evenings will be different, so know and what you’ll be using it for before you make any purchases.

Lay Out a Bold Rug

In any interior or exterior design, a statement piece is necessary to bring the whole space together. If you have one focal point, it’ll help hone your design and guide you through the choices you’ll need to make to ensure that everything looks the way you want it. The standards for buying indoor and outdoor rugs are very different, though, so make sure you know what those differences are.
Your rug will have to weather any storm that comes your way, so it’ll need to be made of a good quality material. Rugs aren’t something you should cut corners on to save cash. If anything, prepare to invest in your rug so it’ll last longer than one season. You can that have a proven track record of selling great products and having the happiest customers.
How to Make Your Backyard a Vacation Oasis 

Create Some Privacy

What really creates that sense of being on vacation is a feeling of privacy. You can achieve the same peace whether you’re tucked away in a private mountain location or on a serene beach full of people. In both situations, you don’t have to worry about running into anyone you know. You can recreate that same feeling in your backyard even if you have the nosiest neighbors by installing a privacy fence.
It’s a good idea to check with your local town government to make sure there aren’t any rules about what kind of fencing you’re allowed to put up. Depending on what kind of area you live in, there could be restrictions on fencing material and where it’s okay to be installed. If you can, a great option would be to buy a bamboo privacy fence. , and it’s ecofriendly so you don’t have to worry about it having a lasting impact on your yard or the animals that visit it.

Make Sure There’s Shade

Nothing can ruin a backyard experience quite like direct sunlight. You might enjoy spending some time tanning, but not all the time. Being in hot sunlight will only make people want to go inside and forget about the outdoors. Wherever you expect to spend the most time, make sure there’s shade involved. This can come from an umbrella, thick foliage or even a decorative tapestry. It’ll be a lifesaver when you’re enjoying an afternoon snack outside with friends and the clouds begin to give way to the sun.
How to Make Your Backyard a Vacation Oasis 

Install the Right Lighting

Public parks and other outdoor entertainment might have a closing time, but your backyard doesn’t! On those days where the only time you can imagine yourself going outside is at night, you’ll want the right kind of yard lighting to light up the night sky. You can go the traditional route with fairy lights or tiki torches, but if you need inspiration, . If you find something that catches your eye, it could transform your entire backyard experience.

Your #backyard #vacation oasis should be a space that meets your needs and makes your dreams come true, all without having to spend money on expensive plane tickets or trips.Click To Tweet
Think about what it means to be in a vacation oasis. You probably picture a place that looks nice, feels comfortable and could possibly be away from all the crowds. These elements can all be recreated in your backyard, without forcing you to hire an expensive designer. Like anything you design, you’ll need to put thought into what you’re going to do with your space, but once you have that idea in mind, you’ll be bouncing off the walls to put it all together.
Imagine what you’re going to be doing the most in your yard. Will you want to feel transported to a private place just for you? Maybe your idea of an oasis includes friends and family in a beautiful setting with lots of good food. Opt for bright colors that pop against the blooming flora in your yard. Get the right lighting and try to install a privacy fence to lock in that feeling of being somewhere peaceful and quiet.
Whatever you end up doing, make sure it’s right for you. Your neighbors might have the best grill around, but you might prefer to spend money on comfortable furniture or even a lovely pool. Your backyard vacation oasis should be a space that meets your needs and makes your dreams come true, all without having to spend money on expensive plane tickets or trips.
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