Battling Back Pain: Natural Solutions to Try Today for Relief Tomorrow

If you suffer from regular back pain, you will not need to be told how difficult it can be to

get on with your daily life without feeling burdened and distracted by the aches and pains

you are experiencing.

There are a number of things you can do to alleviate the pain, including finding

, so that you can get as much relief a possible in your

battle with such a common but troublesome condition.

Watch Your Weight

Battling Back Pain: Natural Solutions to Try Today for Relief Tomorrow

Sometimes when you are looking for a natural solution to something like back pain, you

have to look at other aspects of your lifestyle and see how they might be having an impact

on your physical health.

A poor diet and being overweight can cause you to suffer from painful joints and back pain.

The general observation is that the slimmer you are, the less pressure you are putting on your

joints, which means that you are less likely to suffer from back problems.

Watching your weight and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet will often improve your

overall well being and it will also help you to reduce or avoid the prospect of back pain.

Exercise is Good

Battling Back Pain: Natural Solutions to Try Today for Relief Tomorrow

Another no-brainer is having a regular exercise routine.

Plenty of yoga and stretching is always a good idea cardiovascular as well as strength exercises

are also likely to prove beneficial in not only making your feel better altogether, but by keeping

your back strong and tight with regular exercise, you will be helping yourself to avoid back pain.

Think About Your Posture

Battling Back Pain: Natural Solutions to Try Today for Relief Tomorrow

There are plenty of us who spend a lot of the day working at a desk or looking down at a phone

or computer screen.

It is all too easy to adopt a poor posture and slump your shoulders without even thinking about

it, but poor posture can be a significant factor in creating back pain and subsequent problems

with your spine.

Try to sit as upright as possible with your ears over your shoulders and your shoulders in a

position where they are in line over your hips and ankles.

So many of us have adopted a head-forward posture as a natural position when sitting down

but leaning your head forward or having slumped shoulders for several hours a day, will have

consequences on your back and will pull on your back, leading to a painful reaction to this less

than natural posture.

Invest in Good Footwear

Battling Back Pain: Natural Solutions to Try Today for Relief Tomorrow

If you have a favorite pair of shoes which you can’t stop wearing even though the soles are a

bit worn, you are increasing your odds of experiencing back pain.

High-heeled shoes are an obvious poor choice for anyone with back problems, but even a pair

of flat shoes can be damaging if the soles are worn and are subtly adjusting your gait so that

your back is put under undue pressure.

Ditch those old shoes if they are causing you to adjust your stance or giving you foot pain.

Driving and Sleeping


Battling Back Pain: Natural Solutions to Try Today for Relief Tomorrow

Two activities we tend to do a lot of and they can have an impact on back pain if you don’t

achieve the and level of support.

When you are driving, try to ensure that your lower back received the correct level of support.

Simple things like making sure your wing mirrors are correctly adjusted so you don’t have to

twist your spine and checking to see that your feet are square with the pedals, will all help to

avoid unnecessary or undue pressure on your back muscles.

A fair part of our life is spent sleeping so you need to be sure that you get a mattress which

gives you the right level of support.

Your mattress needs to be firm enough to provide support for your whole body while keeping

your spine straight and supporting the weight of your buttocks and shoulders.

It is definitely worth taking the time to find the right mattress if you are serious about tackling

back pain.

Think Before You Lift

Battling Back Pain: Natural Solutions to Try Today for Relief Tomorrow

One of the most common causes of immediate back pain and damage is when you lift or carry

a heavy object incorrectly.

Always take a moment to think about what you are about to lift and whether you are going to be

able to manage it and if you are being asked to do, make sure you

get the proper training and learn how to avoid injury.

There are so many ways to avoid or reduce back pain, so take a look at ways you can reduce your

risk of suffering from this common complaint.


Battling back pain: Natural solutions to try today to find relief tomorrow.

About the Author
Ted Wilson started working in the orthopedic industry in 1982 in Portland, OR and was involved in several health-related initiatives nationwide until 1998, when after a car accident, Ted started to suffer from chronic back pain and focused his attention on people suffering from the same conditions. Among other things, Ted and his team run a successful website,, independently reviewing beds and mattresses for the public.


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