If there’s a single word that can sum up the spirit of a new year, that would definitely be: detox. Whether you’ve done it in an attempt to rid your body of any toxin buildup (guilty of late-night snacks or binges, anyone?) or to improve your immune system through a juicing-based cleanse, the goal has been to go green and think clean thoughts.
Everything from organic bites to chemical and cruelty-free makeup has been going in the same direction of reducing our exposure to harmful ingredients. So, could there be anything better, more satisfying and rewarding than a pampering session in your home that will simultaneously purify your skin and put you in the perfect state of Zen? Let’s see how you can mix and match the following strategies to make your day all about pure beauty!

“Could there be anything better,

more satisfying and rewarding than a

pampering session in your home that will

simultaneously purify your skin and put

you in the perfect state of Zen?”


Enjoy a healing bubble bath

How to Beauty-Detox: Your Relaxing Personalized Spa
Instead of soaking your feet and steaming your face separately, why not indulge in a wholesome bubble bath that will relax your entire body and serve as a beautifying tool at the same time? You can take your pick from that can help with numerous ailments, or simply improve your mood and your skin health.
Sometimes all it takes is a few droplets of your favorite essential oil to blend with your hot water and add a nourishing soap to scrub off the dead skin cells and other dirt residue. As for your ingredients, Epsom salts help relax your muscles and boost your circulation, green tea is revitalizing and ginger will kill any unfriendly bacteria.

Purifying beauty sips

How to Beauty-Detox: Your Relaxing Personalized Spa
One way you can help your body improve its natural detoxing mechanisms is to fuel yourself with water all day long. After all, if you can count your calories or macros, you can also pay more attention to ensuring proper hydration – because water is the foundation of cleansing continuously.
However, if you wish to , then start your morning with lukewarm lemon-infused water, and you can add ingredients such as cucumbers and ginger into your water bowl throughout the day. And most importantly, steer clear of dehydrating drinks such as sugary sodas, too much coffee and sugar-rich juices. Instead, opt for fruit-only, homemade recipes.

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Choose a deep-cleansing mask

How to Beauty-Detox: Your Relaxing Personalized Spa
Unfortunately, your gorgeous complexion is the first line of defense when it comes to coping with pollution, toxins and sun’s damaging rays. Hence the need to put in some extra work when it comes to finding the right skincare items in your ensemble, and there are several handy ingredients such as clay or mud that can help you detox and reduce your pores in no time.
The latest go-to skin-friendly element straight from Mother Nature is deep-cleansing activated charcoal which is a powerful way to cleanse all skin types without causing irritation or using any unnecessary chemicals. After that mighty mask, you can pamper your skin with a nourishing moisturizer or serum, which will now be fully utilized.

Nourish your locks

How to Beauty-Detox: Your Relaxing Personalized Spa
Finally, your lovely mane deserves at least as much attention as your skin, so take some time to create a nourishing hair mask to get rid of product buildup and excess dirt and damage from using different styling products and too much heat.
Coconut and will be this year’s must-have in hair care, but mix them with creamy avocado, egg yolks or honey for in-depth repair. Apple cider vinegar, clay and baking soda are excellent additions to your shampoo to cleanse your scalp as well.

Smoothie operator

How to Beauty-Detox: Your Relaxing Personalized Spa
Another method of detoxing your skin from within is to add some healthy smoothies into your diet that will not only help your digestion, but also give you all the vitamins, minerals and fiber that your skin needs to produce collagen, preserve its natural elasticity and radiance.
Think: mint, ginger, spinach, almond milk, fresh lemon, chia seeds for a punch of protein, and a bunch of different fruits such as pineapple and cherries for a sweet and sour edge. You can mix these ingredients with ice, regular or plant-based milk or water, and make smoothies that will help your skin heal.
Make it one of your resolutions to cherish your beauty even better in the upcoming year. Take care of your skin both through diet and an occasional pampering such as this one, and you’ll be able to maintain your natural youthful glow for years to come!

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How to Beauty-Detox: Your Relaxing Personalized Spa