If there is something that can keep you healthy in these testing times, nothing else comes close to being safe by being socially-distanced. This is healthy for your pocket because eating home-cooked food can save you a lot of money that can be utilized for other escapades!

You’ll require an essential grocery list during your indefinite stay at home, and you will need to shop for these items. However, since things are turning quite downhill, you might think twice before stepping out for groceries. In this case, you might consider making use of grocery shopping apps. They will happily deliver your grocery items to your doorstep while you can stay back and binge on your favorite series at home!

What’s more, apps like Instacart, Mealboard, Flipp, Walmart Grocery, etc. offer amazing discounts, offers and promo codes on groceries! Curious enough? Let’s check out the best grocery shopping apps for you.



Best Grocery Shopping Apps for 2020


Instacart is one of the most credible grocery shopping apps in the US, and they are famous for delivering the entire shopping cart within one hour of placing the order. What’s more, is that you can save up to $50 on your order. New users also get free deliveries on their orders for a limited period with . Hence, living in quarantine has become quite more comfortable than expected, right?



Now this one has been one of the fore-runners in the field of grocery shopping apps. The specialty of this app is that it matches all the coupon codes available with you and sorts them as per the brands that are available at your local store. In this way, you don’t have to go through the lengthy process of sorting the coupon codes as per the shop’s availability. Isn’t this great? Flipp also provides personalized offers as per the customer’s shopping needs. What else can anybody ask for?

Best Grocery Shopping Apps for 2020

Walmart Grocery

Almost everyone is aware of Walmart. The global mart-giant has recently entered the grocery field and has been striving hard to provide mouth-watering deals on grocery items. For instance, Great Value chicken and the vegetable pack can be availed for $4.98 only through the ongoing offers on Walmart grocery. However, the customer needs to check-out at least $35 worth of items for availing home delivery. Nevertheless, their service is impeccable.



If you love cooking and trying out new recipes every day, Mealboard will be of great help. This grocery app doubles up as a multipurpose app. You have to update your daily recipes, inventory, and grocery list, and the app would inform you about all the necessary items that you will need for the day. Hence, the app optimizes your entire grocery shopping experience, and you have to sit back and relax while your order is delivered right at your doorstep.

Best Grocery Shopping Apps for 2020

Grocery iQ

This grocery shopping app is not just any random application that has added IQ as a suffix just for the vibe. The application helps its customers to shop in a much smarter way. The app allows its users to shop smart with the help of bar-code scanning. Yes, this process can be done with the help of your simple smartphone camera. By scanning the barcode of the product, you can add the product to your shopping list, and the app will automatically remind you about the same when you are going to shop.



This quarantine, if you are looking for healthier food options, Kroger can be your pick. Kroger is famous for providing organic food products at amazing prices. Kroger has over 35000 products on its portal, and customers can use their digital coupons for up to 5 times on their app or website. Along with this, all the purchases made from Kroger are eligible for cashback. There are lots of other deals that can be availed by their dedicated shopping cards. Now that’s what wholesome shopping looks like!

Best Grocery Shopping Apps for 2020


This application is more like a mobile accessory application that keeps you and your chosen people in an ecosystem. Suppose you have made a list, and some items are not available in some of the grocery stores, so you decide to go out shopping. However, your roommate or partner forgot to add something valuable to the list. At this moment, AnyList would come handy. Your roommate can update the list, and, in this way, when you would open the list at the grocery store, you would buy it.



This app is more concerned about the freshness of the product that reaches you. Among groceries, certain food items like dairy items, vegetables, meat, etc. must be refrigerated and stored at optimum temperatures. Now, the type of product the customer is interested in, FreshDirect, provides necessary details about the product. Therefore, the customer is fully aware of the type of product they will obtain through them.

Best Grocery Shopping Apps for 2020

Beedelivery- Grocery

This application can be downloaded by Android as well as iOS users. The specialty of this grocery app is that the orders are accepted and fulfilled based on the customer’s geographical location. Due to this reason, the deliveries are performed within 20-60 minutes of placing the order. One can order sweets, snacks, vegetables, household essentials, etc. from here.




Grocery shopping has to be one of the most challenging tasks. Moreover, in these pandemic times, the pressure is just growing on us to keep ourselves safe and healthy. However, you can stay assured about the products that you will be availing from above-listed grocery shopping apps. Plus, no matter which app you choose, whether it is Instacart, FreshDirect, Kroger, or anything else, you will be saving a lot on your products due to the ongoing offers on such apps. Remember, eating fresh and saving a dime pleased everyone! Why don’t you try it?


Have you used grocery shopping apps?

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