Thanks to the ever-growing tech world, we can expect to see new exciting things optimised for smartphones. Almost all of us have smartphones, and there is so much yet to be discovered. Do you use absolutely everything on your smartphone? There are features that many people don’t use, and this should be changed! As more and more people are purchasing smartphones, we are becoming aware that our devices can actually help benefit our mental and physical health. Interested? Keep reading to find out how we can use our smartphones to our advantage.



For therapy

Lucky for us, there are many different features available for smartphones that allow us to stay on top of our mental health. For example, there are therapy apps, journaling apps and mindfulness apps. Each of these serves wonders to track our emotions and thoughts in one place. It is even more useful because they’re all digital and can be accessed at any time. If you like the sound of therapy apps, consider checking out . It essentially acts as a pocket therapist that allows you to reach out to a mental health professional when it’s truly needed.

Can Smartphones Benefit Our Mental and Physical Health?

For fitness

We can also rely on our smartphones to track our health and fitness! This is as long as we actually do it, though. Many smartphones have built-in applications that track your health in different ways. This includes our sleep, steps, general fitness goals and thoughts. There are also apps we can download to help us with our exercise routines and help track our calorie intake or meal preparations. We believe that our smartphones benefit our physical health because of this!

Can Smartphones Benefit Our Mental and Physical Health?

For advice

We can also access mental and physical health advice on our smartphones. For example, the internet allows us to reach out to anything we want and get the answers to our questions within a few clicks. There have been some debates in the past as to whether this is beneficial for our mental health as online advice can sometimes to lead to false answers and overthinking as a result. However, if different online platforms are used as a simple guide and not taken too literally then they are certainly beneficial for us.

Can Smartphones Benefit Our Mental and Physical Health?

For communication

A fantastic way to develop a positive mindset and be continuously happy is to communicate and connect with our loved ones. Reaching out to family and friends is a fabulous option to speak our minds and discuss what might be troubling us. Smartphones serve as a great arena for this to happen. After all, mobile phones were created for the convenience of human contact. However, now that technology keeps continuously improving, we can reach out to our friends, family and even strangers any time we need. This is entirely beneficial for our mental health as this knocks down communication barriers.


What do you use your smartphone for?

Do you think they’re beneficial for our physical and mental health?

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