Instagram has the highest level of  of all social media platforms. It is a popular platform for influencer marketing, which makes it perfect for brand and influencer collaboration. The more consumers have become informed about the uses and benefits of CBD, the more mainstream its popularity has become. Consumers can find CBD products all over the internet, which presents a challenge to emerging CBD brands trying to stand out in the market. Before launching a CBD marketing campaign, take a look at these three tips for becoming Instagram’s next CBD influencer.




CBD Marketing: 3 Tips for Becoming Instagram’s Next CBD Influencer 

Start With Defined Goals

Think of Instagram influencers as consumer gatekeepers. Influencers have spent the time attracting followers and engaging with them through quality content. High-engagement levels are essential for converting followers into loyal customers. When creating a CBD marketing campaign, there are two things to focus on: 1) Why are CBD influencers helpful when marketing CBD products on Instagram? and 2) How can a brand utilize CBD influencers?

The goals for partnering with CBD influencers on Instagram are straightforward. Influencers can help raise awareness for a brand and its products, which in turn increases a brand’s audience or followers. Influencers also have the ability to help generate online CBD sales or drive traffic to a brand’s website. To achieve these goals, a brand needs to align with the right CBD influencers who advocate similar products and have a large number of followers and engagement.

CBD Marketing: 3 Tips for Becoming Instagram’s Next CBD Influencer 

Hashtags Are Key

Hashtags can be thought of as SEO keywords. They are an important  that positions content in front of users interested in specific products. Hashtags are the perfect way to find CBD influencers on Instagram that align with a brand’s image and products. Instagram’s marketing policy requires CBD influencers to use #sponsored or #ad hashtags in any influencer marketing campaign posts to distinguish paid promotional content.

Determine what hashtags to use by doing a search on Instagram of popular or trending hashtags relevant to the brand’s products. To find potential CBD influencers start with searching through broad hashtags then gradually use more specific keywords. The goal is to find highly qualified CBD influencers who have 10,000 or more followers.

Take, for example, an organic CBD brand focused on creating natural and holistic products promoting health and wellness. Sera Labs uses chemical-free, organically-grown hemp in all of their full-spectrum and isolate CBD products. All of Sera Labs’ products from , gummies, capsules, soothing creams, CBD skincare, to CBD pet tinctures are made with 99 percent pure hemp extract. There are several strong hashtags that can differentiate the brand and attract a niche audience, such as #organicCBD or #purehempextract.

CBD Marketing: 3 Tips for Becoming Instagram’s Next CBD Influencer 

Get Engaged

The key to success on Instagram is follower engagement. It’s important to understand that as your number of followers increases, the rate of engagement decreases. This is because popularity doesn’t always lead to conversion. When qualifying an Instagram CBD influencer, analyze the number of followers and the quality of post comments. Generic, broad comments are not engaging. Engaged followers will leave conversational comments asking questions or making personal statements about a brand. Such followers tag their friends, which increases brand awareness and subsequently increases sales.

Creating quality content through photos and videos is the way to attract engaged followers. It doesn’t take long to accumulate 100-plus hours of videos or exceed 250,000 photos. Meet ibi is a  home cloud device with 1 TB of space for media. ibi collects and backs up selected devices, social media platforms, and cloud accounts then give users the option of carefully choosing who to share photos and videos with. Having content organized and easily accessible is important when creating engaging content.


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