Choosing a Proper Blood Glucose Monitor – Tips from Healthkart

Choosing a good blood glucose monitor can be tough, especially if you do not know what you are looking for in the first place. Well we are here to make things easier for you and to assist you in your glucometer purchase endeavours. We will help you make a well informed choice, devoid of the type of diabetes you may have. And our first advice to you is this – ask your doctor. If your doctor cannot give you a clear answer, go to’s consultant page and ask for advice. Healthkart’s products and services are quite popular and reliable nowadays, and discount coupons from can also be used on this site to make any purchase.

As per Healthkart and its experts, you should subscribe to monthly medical newsletters which have detailed reviews about the best glucometers in the market. These reviews are sure to help you when you are online on the site, browsing through the products available. Choose a product that is well within your budget, as well as something that you can easily use, or else your investment will go down the drain. Also, we which can get you up to 40% in discounts at Healthkart.

Given below are a few ideas which might help you to choose the best glucometer. Bear in mind that these are suggestions, not instructions, so choose according to your own needs. Read on to find out more.

Size of the Blood Sample

Choosing a Proper Blood Glucose Monitor – Tips from Healthkart

Any person looking for a new glucometer will be concerned about one simple aspect of the device, the amount of blood it requires from the patient. Some people are extremely afraid of blood being drawn out from their veins in excessive quantities. So if you are one of those special people, simply get a glucometer that needs only a tiny drop of your blood to test the level of blood glucose in your body.

Availability of Digital Storage

Choosing a Proper Blood Glucose Monitor – Tips from Healthkart

Whenever you buy a glucometer, a certain desire to store past readings will always be there in your mind, because it would act as a great point of reference for you to compare the increase or decrease in blood glucose levels. If a glucometer costs a little bit extra and offers the digital storage feature, then you should definitely go for it, as it would be much easier than writing each reading down in a diary.

Size of the Glucometer

Choosing a Proper Blood Glucose Monitor – Tips from Healthkart

If you are suffering from fluctuating blood glucose and must test the levels regularly, but have to travel a lot, then buying a glucometer about the size of your smartphone would be the smart thing to do. A large glucometer cannot be carried around everywhere, so get a small portable one and make your life easier.

A Back Lit Display and Proper Font for Display


Choosing a Proper Blood Glucose Monitor – Tips from Healthkart

Without a proper backlit display, and understandable funds, getting a correct reading on your glucometer becomes difficult, as you barely can see anything. So whenever you are buying a new one, just make sure that you get one which has a back lit display and proper fonts.

What are your best tips for choosing a blood glucose monitor?

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