As you begin your family, choosing a doctor to satisfy you and your kids’ needs can be intimidating. You do not want to settle for anyone, but you also can’t be too picky. Listed below are tips on finding the perfect family doctor for you.



Ask Family Friends

Perhaps one of the trustiest sources of opinions is the people close to you. Ask other parents around you what doctor they go to. If you have siblings with children, ask them what doctors around you they trust, or what while on your search. You are almost always guaranteed a sincere opinion when asking family or friends, so take advantage of the brutal honesty, and get some valid family doctor views.

Choosing the Right Family Doctor

Read Reviews on Internet Searches

If you have been doing research online and think you have narrowed it down to a few options, read the reviews left on Yelp or other review websites, as well as on the actual doctor’s page. People often share their personal experiences on these websites, which helps you picture yourself in the doctor’s office yourself. While not all reviews can be utterly trustworthy due to bias, reading strangers’ surveys can be very helpful.

Choosing the Right Family Doctor

Set Up a Face to Face Meeting with the Doctor

After researching for hours, you may or may not have your eyes on a specific doctor. No matter how positive you are that you want a particular health care professional, it does not hurt to take a trip to the near you and meet with the doctors, and other professionals face to face. If the first impression is satisfying, chances are your experience with them will be pleasing as well, and you have the reassurance that they are actually a real person.



Think About Coverage

While you may want the best doctor in town for your family, if your insurance does not cover them, it can be a real pain in your wallet if you choose to go to them. Find what doctors are with your health plan to avoid high out of pocket costs, and get discounted rates. Contact your insurance agency to go over and evaluate what they cover when it comes to health care.

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Consider the Location

If you think you have found your dream family doctor that satisfies every need and want at a discounted price, the location might not mean anything to you. However, you should still think about how the area will impact your trips to the doctors. It’s one thing having to leave work for an hour and a half to take your kid to the doctor, but if your travel time is almost two hours, an afternoon activity can turn into an all-day affair. While it is not the most crucial aspect to think about, the location should definitely be considered.

As long as you follow these five tips, choosing a family doctor will be a breeze.


What are your favorite tips for choosing the right family doctor?

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