Concerned About How to Keep Fruit Fresh? Use this Handy Guide -- Infographic

Are you always peering into your pantry, wondering if that apple you bought last week is still good?

It’s pretty hard to tell.

Depending on the fruit, storing them in your pantry or fridge can make a huge difference in shelf life.

That’s why Shari’s Berries created this helpful guide explaining which method will keep your fruit freshest.

While it seems obvious that chilling fruits will keep them tasty longer, some can last almost three times

more in the fridge compared to in a pantry!

“Wouldn’t you like to reduce the amount

of good fruit that goes to waste?’


‘Wouldn’t it be great take the guesswork

out of keeping fruit fresh?”

Simply refer to this handy infographic comparing the lifespan of fruits we commonly have in our homes.

See how long your favorite fruits stacked up below:

How Long Does Fruit Last


Infographic courtesy of Shari’s Berries


What are your tips for keeping fruit fresh?

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