Creamy Banana Papaya Almond Spice Smoothie

During the holidays I wanted to create a nice spicy, creamy, festive yet healthy smoothie

as an vegan alternative to egg nog to share with some friends who dropped by.

I rummaged through my kitchen to see what I had available.

Luckily, I found some bananas, papaya, hemp milk and almond butter.


Just what I needed to whip up a quick and tasty drink for them to enjoy!

With the addition of a little spice, this sweet and creamy drink hit the mark.

And nobody seemed to miss the egg nog.

Bananas are rich sources of potassium, folate, vitamins A, B, E, K, C and fiber.

Rich, nutritious almond butter is my favorite healthy, creamy addition for most of the

smoothies I make.

I also love using rich, nutritious hemp milk as well as  hemp seeds in my smoothie.

Creamy Banana Papaya Almond Spice Smoothie

Known to be one of the most, if not the most, nutritional and beneficial seeds on the planet, hemp

is a good source of protein, amino acids, omega fatty acids, as well as magnesium, potassium and fiber.

It also has many of the vitamins that your body needs to function and stay healthy.

Hemp is:

*High in Plant Based Protein – The slow moving protein provided by hemp helps keep blood sugar under control and aids in keeping you more satisfied after a meal.

*High in Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids – Due to the pollution in our oceans, finding a plant based source of important Omega fatty acids is essential. These fatty acids reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, maintain bone health and regulate metabolism.

*Contains Essential Amino Acids – The building blocks of all your muscles, cells, tissues and organs need to have enough essential amino acids available to help ward off age-related mental diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Try making this spicy delight for yourself.

Creamy Banana Papaya Almond Spice Smoothie

Creamy Banana Papaya Almond Spice Smoothie


3 ripe bananas

1 cup papaya chunks

2 tablespoons raw almond butter

1 cup hemp milk

1 teaspoon cinammon

1 teaspoon nutmeg

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 tablespoons hemp hearts or hemp seeds

1 cup ice cubes from filtered water

Creamy Banana Papaya Almond Spice Smoothie


Add ingredients to your high speed blender (I use Vita-Mix)

Blend until smooth.

Taste and adjust the amount of spice as needed.

Creamy Banana Papaya Almond Spice SmoothieThis basic recipe is really very flexible.

You can add mango, oranges, pineapples or whatever light, sweet fruit you have

on hand if you don’t have papaya.

Creamy Banana Papaya Almond Spice Smoothie

For a festive occasion, serve this smoothie in goblets and toast to good health!

Your friends will love it!

Drink up and enjoy!


What are your favorite sweet, creamy and festive smoothies to make?

Share your recipes, thoughts and comments with us.

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Creamy Banana Papaya Almond Spice Smoothie

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