Dating Services for Pokémon Go Users

is a favorite game of many millennials all over the world.

This new trend is changing our everyday lives.

We go out on the streets trying to catch them all.

Isn’t it a good opportunity to meet other real players?

Guys behind such dating services as Project Fixup and PokeMatch believe that single men

and women who share common interests should meet each other.

At , we decided to find out how singles can find love while hunting for Pokémon.


Dating Services for Pokémon Go Users

This service will arrange a date for Pokémon Go players from scratch.

A team of matchmakers will select the match, then check out at what time members are

available for meeting, and then choose the most suitable PokeStop or PokeGym.

Users are asked to answer several questions about themselves.

matchmakers will use that information in order to find you the most compatible date –

the one who has similar interests in life and preferences in the game.

Once a date is set up, users will be notified by email: they will get a short profile of their match.

A date will cost you $20 but with the promo code POKEDATES2016 your first date is free.


Dating Services for Pokémon Go Users

Pokedates was launched by the Chicago-based startup Project Fixup.

The company has been matching singles based on the information included in their profiles

since 2012.

Now, apart from their regular members, they’re bringing single Pokémon Go enthusiasts


With the Pokedates service, players can not only catch Pokémon around the city but also

get to know their matches in the course of the hunt.



Dating Services for Pokémon Go Users

Pokedates is not the only and unique service.

Its competitor appeared a few days after it was launched.

Another dating service for Pokémon Go fans is called .

It’s a merger of two popular apps – Tinder and Pokémon Go.

According to its creator, it’s as if those two apps had a baby.

You swipe right to “catch” people you like and you swipe left to run away.

Like in many other dating apps, you can send messages to each other.

Who can join the app?

Only people interested in playing Pokémon Go together with somebody.

The creators of the app were inspired by their co-founder who wanted to go out on a date

and at the same time wanted to go catching Pokémon.

The app gives the chance for people playing this game to run into the love of their life.

Initially, it was available only on Android but now it can be found in the App Store.


Dating Services for Pokémon Go Users

is a startup dating app focused on offline dates.

It’s makers want their users to go on real dinner dates.

Headquartered in Japan, the company was launched in the USA and Canada in spring.

Of course, they also decided to take advantage of the Pokémon Go game and introduced

a new “Let’s catch Pokemon” feature.

Dating Services for Pokémon Go Users

This feature allows Dine’s users to indicate that they would like to go Pokémon hunting

on their first dates.

App creators believe that those who catch together, stay together.

Also, Pokémon Go dates are free and active so you’ll save your money and avoid awkward silences.


Are you a Pokemon Go user?

Have you used some of the dating apps for Pokemon Go users?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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