Many people under stay and home and shelter in place orders right now are finding that they suddenly have the time to tackle projects that they may have been putting off previously. And whether you decide that you want to take this time to paint a bedroom or get around to replacing some flooring, you may discover that your first step should actually be decluttering to help make space for new projects.

Now that you have the time on your hands to finally take care of any little home projects you’ve been putting off, make sure that you also take the time to declutter your home. Doing so will make it easier to take care of other projects, to find the space to set up a better home office, or to merely help make some mental space knowing that your home is in better order.



Decluttering can be an overwhelming process, depending on just how much clutter you’ve had built up over time. The following tips for can help you tackle it more easily, so you can get things squared away well before the world opens up again.

Decluttering Tips During Self Isolation

Have an End Goal

Decluttering is definitely a worthy thing to do, but make sure before you begin that you have a goal in mind.

  • Do you want to get your home more organized while you’re at home?
  • Do you want to turn that storage room into a home office?
  • Do you plan on redoing your garage floor and need to get the clutter out of there so you can begin?

By having an end goal in mind, you have something to work towards that can influence the path you take. It can also keep you motivated and help prevent you from merely shifting items from one area to another in the spirit of cleaning but not actually getting anything done.

Decluttering Tips During Self Isolation

Identify the Problem Areas

Clutter can build up anywhere, but you may find that you have a few spots where you tend to let things really collect. This could be your garage, bedroom closets, attic, basement, storage room, guest bedroom, or some kitchen drawers.

Figure out where the biggest problem areas are and start there. As you clear out one area, you can start using the newly emptied space to store items that you do intend to keep, making the rest of the process more simple.

Decluttering Tips During Self Isolation

Organize Each Area as You Go

If you take the time to organize the items remaining in each area as you declutter, you can immediately start putting back the things that you’ll be keeping. For example, if you empty everything out of your guest bedroom and remove the items that need to be disposed of or donated, you can organize and put back anything you’re keeping in an easier to access manner. You can also now add to this area with items from the next sections you declutter, so everything stays cleaning and more organized as a whole.

Decluttering Tips During Self Isolation

Determine How You’ll Dispose of Your Clutter

Many people are taking the time to declutter right now, and unfortunately, some of the most frequently used methods of disposing of items you no longer use may not be currently available. Many charity and donation sites are not accepting at this time, which can mean that your decluttering simply turns into a different type of clutter – bags of items with nowhere to put them.

So before you begin, determine how you’re going to dispose of your clutter. If you really want to donate items, find out if there are collection bins in your area that you can access. If not, make a plan for how you’ll bag and store your items until donation centers reopen.

If you don’t plan on donating your items, find out what disposal options may be open to you right now. Many waste management facilities are still open and operational, so as long as you are following your area’s safety protocols, you may be able to take your items to the dump, rent a dumpster for pick up later, or even have a junk collector come by. Don’t be afraid to ask what the policies are for keeping your family and the workmen you encounter safe during the transaction.

Decluttering Tips During Self Isolation

Start Decluttering Today

If you’ve been putting off decluttering your home, there’s no better time to start than now. Take the time to start decluttering and organizing your home today and make a better space  to stay safe in during these uncertain times.


Are you using your time at home to declutter?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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