At one time, an wouldn’t have dreamt about a case involving an electric car, now it’s not exactly common but it does happen. You may not realize it but electric cars have actually been around just as long as the gas guzzlers. I kid you not. There is nothing new about eco-friendly motoring, it’s just taken the auto industry an awfully long time to get it right. Now wherever we go there are more and more electrical charging points appearing and the even better news is that the vast majority of them are being used. Yes, the electric car industry has a lot of ground to make up but we’re getting there, slowly but surely.



Why So Long in the Making?

The battery has been the main reason why it’s only now that electric and hybrid cars are carving their niche in the market. The batteries have been much maligned over the years, with many a vehicle released on what seemed like a ‘trial and error basis’ to quickly disappear again. How the cars would be charged, and the electricity harnessed also proved problematic, but finally they seem to have sussed it out and this cleaner, and more efficient, style of motoring is accessible to everyone.

Eco-Friendly Motoring in America

Will They Ever Take Over From Standard Cars?

In a word, well 2 actually, probably not. It looks as if the internal combustion engine is here to stay but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as a killer combo of regulations and technological advances has seen fuel economy reach a record high in the US. So in terms of gas-guzzling, your standard larger car isn’t anywhere as greedy and the mid-range and small models are almost nibbling.


Are Hybrids as Efficient as Electric Cars?

For many American motorists, the hybrid is the stuff that dreams are made of. The majority of us take many more short, urban car journeys than we do long trips on the freeway. School runs, grocery shopping and visiting family or friends tend to be the everyday car trips we all do. Driving in speed restricted urban areas your hybrid will run on electric, keeping the neighborhood air fresh and emission-free. Hit the highways at higher speeds and the engine kicks in BUT also charges the battery for when you get back into the urban territory. Pretty nifty huh? You get more than 40MPG in a hybrid whilst an electric car gives you over 100MPGe if it was powered by gasoline.

Eco-Friendly Motoring in America

Most Eco-friendly Cars in America

The following cars have been rated as the most eco-friendly cars on the US marketplace as of 2019. You will see the MPGe beside economy which basically means miles per gallon equivalent. The EPA has developed a metric system that translates the fuel economy of those vehicles which run exclusively or partially on electricity into a figure which equates to MPG of gasoline.



Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Energy efficiency; 136MPGe

Mid-sized electric vehicle

Fuel cost annually $500


Tesla Model 3 (Long Range)

Energy Efficiency; 130 MPGe

Mid-size sedan

Fuel cost annually; $500


Volkswagen e-Golf

Energy efficiency; 119MPGe

Compact Electric Car

Fuel cost annually; $550


Chevrolet Bolt EV

Energy efficiency; 119 MPGe

Subcompact electric car

Fuel Cost Annually; $550


BMW i3

Energy Efficiency; 119 MPGe

Subcompact electric car

Fuel cost annually; $550


Which are your favorite eco-friendly cars?

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