Eco-Tourism as Its Best: The Beauty of Domaine St-Bernard

Those who have visited or just starting to find all the things to do, know of a number

of reasons to plan a trip to Mont-Tremblant, specifically Domaine St-Bernard.

Whether it’s astronomy, exercise, bird watching, eating, or other reasons, it’s a great

place to spend quality time alone or with the entire family.

Within Domaine’s Domain 

Eco-Tourism as Its Best: The Beauty of Domaine St-Bernard

The main building at the Domaine Saint Bernard. Photo source:

Domaine St-Bernard is a central location, at the heart of Mont-Tremblant, which gives goers the flexibility of staying within its boundaries or going outside. Inside, you’ll find places to picnic at Lac Renaud beach, gaze at the stars at the Pavillon d’astronomie Velan, or watch birds at the garden.

Moreover, if you enjoy fresh air, you’ll get more than enough along 40 km of stretching trails, serving host to white-tailed deer, Blue Jays, and a range of animal and plant species. Depending on the time of year, don’t leave your snow or walking shoes back at your Mont-Tremblant accommodations.

For the Kids

The area offers activities for people of all ages. Lac Renaud beach hosts a playground nearby, which gives parents who love the sun a place to bring the kids. Bikers, amateur and professional alike, are acquainted with the surrounding area’s trails, but the “Pump Track” is specifically designed for young riders. A network of bumps and curves, it’s a chance for young riders to get more familiar with the sport of mountain and trail biking.

Also, the pine grove features wooden obstacles that present a larger challenge for riders that are a bit more advanced. However, kids must bring their own equipment including a safety helmet. The Tyrolienne is a young person’s answer to a zip line. Young people must be accompanied by an adult for this exciting activity.

For the Birdwatchers

The bird garden has over forty volunteers and involve a seasoned ornithologist who helps with landscaping and coordinating on-site projects. Replete with waterfalls and cascades enveloped in flowerbeds and fruit trees, the garden is one of a kind. Aside from birds, visitors enjoy twenty-five varieties of trees and over a dozen species of flowers. Blue jays, sparrows, hummingbirds, and bluebirds are just some varieties you’ll expect to see.

The entire site project started with a partially-wooded piece of land with all further implements made from scratch, including ponds, paths, a stream, bridges, etc. Access is free for natives to the area and $5 for visitors.

For the Stargazers

Each Saturday night, the Velan astronomy pavilion will celebrate a different theme. For example, this previous year, Valentine’s day was combined with chocolate. Visitors were asked to taste famous chocolates while listening to love stories related to constellations. Goers learned how to make tasty chocolates while participating on the construction of a galaxy. March explored the notion of planets and extraterrestrial life. Visitors gazed at the stars while listening to talks associated to possible life on other planets.

Sure, while in the Mont-Tremblant area, you’ll find many opportunities for exercise, comfort, and dining. Specifically, Domaine St-Bernard is a popular central location, close to all else, yet offering its own quaint and charming attractions, which can be enjoyed alone, with a special mate, or fit for the entire family.

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