EcoStlye File: Sustainable City Style with Michele Cohen of Wabi Sabi

EcoStyle File: Experience Sustainable City Style with Michele Cohen of Wabi Sabi

I am always on the look out for well-designed, comfortable, sustainable fashion, so I was thrilled to discover Wabi Sabi. I’m an eco-conscious, professional, living in the city–and Wabi Sabi designs with women like me in mind.

Wabi Sabi creates stylish, functional and versatile day to evening work wear for professional women using the finest organic materials and luxury craftsmanship for a perfect fit. And that’s my kind of sustainable style!

EcoStyle File: Experience Sustainable City Style with Michele Cohen of Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi Sustainable City Style Collection

I am delighted that Michele Cohen of Wabi Sabi has agreed to share her vision for sustainable fashion with us here at UrbanNaturale.

Let’s get started…

EcoStyle File: Sustainable City Style with Michele Cohen of Wabi Sabi

Michele Cohen, Founder, Wabi Sabi

Urban Naturale: Who is the founder and chief designer of Wabi Sabi?

Michele: I, Michele Cohen, am the founder of the company. My lead designer is named Sonia Carrasco. Here is a link to the team page on our site for more information.

Urban Naturale: Why did you decide to create eco-fashion?

Michele: Fashion is one of the most contaminating industries. Toxic chemicals and materials derived from petroleum are used to make the clothes you wear. We live in a global world. Products, people and particles are in constant movement. The toxic chemicals used to manufacture clothes also have a global reach crossing continents and oceans. Residuals from manufacturing contaminate and end up in the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe. In response to our concern for the harmful affects that toxic substances have on the environment and on our health at Wabi Sabi we create eco-tashion:

*We use organic and natural fabrics
*Materials are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides
*Dyeing, transformation and finishing is completed WITHOUT heavy metals and other toxic chemicals

EcoStyle File: Experience Sustainable City Style with Michele Cohen of Wabi Sabi

Looks from Wabi Sabi’s Sustainable City Style Collection

Urban Naturale: Tell us more about Wabi Sabi’s eco-fashion vision.

Michele: We know women are busy and often don´t have time to spare to create that ideal wardrobe we all desire. We do the work for them by creating styles that meet their needs, flatter their bodies and allow them to do some good for the planet and for society each time them get dressed.

Urban Naturale: Sounds like my kind of clothing! I’m excited to hear more about your sustainable clothing collection. Can you tell us about it?

Michele: Our first collection is called “Sustainable City Style Collection”. The dresses are designed for city life but inspired by nature. That’s why we’ve named the designs after some of the most sustainable cities across the globe.

Sustainable City Style Collection Video Lookbook

We worked hard to create excellent quality clothing that meet the needs of today´s busy professional woman. From the designs to the construction to the selection of fabric, each and every decision was made by viewing things from a customer´s perspective. Each and every detail was considered for both it´s aesthetics and functionality.

EcoStyle File: Experience Sustainable City Style with Michele Cohen, Wabi Sabi

Sustainable City Style Collection – San Francisco

In this first collection, there is a dress for every age and body type. From our fit and wear tests the same designs look stunning on different body types and age groups. The materials are all certified organic of the highest quality. They will wear well, wash well and will become lasting treasured pieces in your closet. The designs are classic with a little bit of that special something. You can easily dress them up or down and they are go to pieces for a wide range of business and personal occasions.

Urban Naturale: What types of fabrics do you use?

Michele: We use two types of material:
1) Knit blends of organic cotton, tencel and some spandex. The cotton, tencel blend offers a luxurious soft feel, but is not bland or flimsy. This fabric will not let eveything show, rather it will help hold it all together. The spandex provides extra flexibility and comfort.

2) We use organic cotton sateen/lycra blends as our woven fabrics. The amount of Lycra is just 2% allowing the fabric to be eco-friendly and the most natural mossible, but still allowing for that extra bit of comfort in movement that we all need. Our dresses are designed to be functional so you need to be able to move, bend and play in them. You will not feel constricted in them as you might have found with similar styles from other brands.

We believe in both style and sustainability. These things were lacking in the current offers of women´s work wear. We could not find a brand to be passionate about. That´s why we created our own where design, quality and sustainability go hand in hand.

EcoStyle File: Experience Sustainable City Style with Michele Cohen of Wabi Sabi

Sustainable City Style Collection – Vancouver

Urban Naturale: Is Wabi Sabi involved in fair trade in any way?

Michele: The brand is focused on using 100% certified organic materials to make our collections. However, ethics are important to us and we hold our suppliers, manufacturers and retail outlets up to high ethical standards. Therefore, even though we are not directly involved in fair trade many of our partners do have fair trade certificates and/or follow fair trade practices.

Urban Naturale: Where can my readers purchase your clothing?

Michele: They can purchase now online at Shortly I will be announcing some new store locations.

EcoStyle File: Experience Sustainable City Style with Michele Cohen of Wabi Sabi

Sustainable City Style Collection – Bogota

Urban Naturale: How else would you like my readers to help?

Michele: Apart from purchasing our products, spreading the word to their family and friends about my company, missión and amazing dresses would be a great help. Word of mouth is the best PR.

Sustainable City Style Collection - Reykjavik

Sustainable City Style Collection – Reykjavik

Urban Naturale: What are Wabi Sabi’s plans for the near future?

Michele: We just launched the line in the US in Spetember. Our plans are to keep growing in the US market, to offer our brand through more retail locations so that it is easily accessible to consumers, to grow our online shopping business in the US and Canada…to become a brand of reference in stylish, functional and eco-friendly fashion.

Urban Naturale: Thank you so much for sharing your amazing eco-fashion company and collection with us, Michele.

We appreciate your passion, vision and commitment to eco-fashion.


Look good. Do good!

I’m in love with Wabi Sabi’s Sustainable City Style collection. I hope you enjoyed it too!  I can’t wait to wear all of these fabulous, well-designed, eco-friendly dresses. The best part about supporting sustainable design is that we ‘look good while doing good’, so hop on over to Wabi Sabi and shop eco-style!

Want to learn more?

Contact Wabi Sabi at:

Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept USA
412 Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401



Phone: (609) 344-1214

Fax: (609) 344-1215


Love sustainable style?

Which Wabi Sabi sustainable fashions are your favorites?

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