After the last pimple has dried up and healed, there’s still one more problem that you have to worry about⁠—that the pimple might lead to acne scarring. If having a pimple on your face was too much for you to suffer, it’s going to be all the more unpleasant when an acne scar stays on your face forever. While physical beauty is fleeting and should be skin-deep, it can’t be denied that good (and bad) first impressions can be made because of blemishes. That being said, acne scarring can affect your self-esteem and confidence.



However, there are ways to avoid these problems. Here are some of the most effective ways to prevent acne scarring.


1. Apply Anti-Pimple Medication

Scars don’t happen when pimples don’t sprout. This is precisely the reason why it’s important to go back to the roots. For you not to have acne scars, it’s important that you prevent pimples in the first place. That way, you’re preventing the cycle from happening over and over again. But remember: don’t self-medicate or try out all of the over-the-counter products that you can get your hands on. Otherwise, your face may have breakouts or an adverse reaction.

You should consult a dermatologist before applying products on your face. These medical professionals are better equipped to assess the condition of your skin and your skin type. Plus, they can also equip you with all the that you need. That way, whatever medication will be given to you is the one that adheres to your needs.

Effective Ways To Prevent and Help Acne Scarring 

2. Moisturize Your Skin Naturally

If you’re afraid to bathe your skin with too many chemicals, don’t lose hope; there are numerous natural options that you can go for. The most important thing for you to remember is to keep your skin moisturized. Scars are unable to thrive when your skin is healthy and well-moisturized. With these natural moisturizers, you won’t even have to worry about putting too much (or too little) on your skin.

Examples of natural moisturizers that you can go for include:

  • Aloe vera – The antioxidants in aloe vera help reduce redness and swelling on your skin. Plus, it also removes dead cells and excess oil. When these substances thrive on your skin, you become more prone to pimple production.


  • Turmeric powder – This contains curcumin, a component that can bring out the glow in your skin. It also smoothens your skin naturally, leaving no irritation. That way, you can slowly stay away from harmful exfoliants that lead to irritation and acne.


  • Coconut oil – This type of oil is rich in Omega 3-Fatty Acids. What this does is that it helps to moisturize your skin.


  • Shea butter – Ever wonder why numerous beauty products have shea butter as an active ingredient? That’s because it prevents and eliminates stretch marks. If shea butter has this effect on stretch marks, then it’s likely to have the same effect on scars as well.

Effective Ways To Prevent and Help Acne Scarring 

3. Don’t Pick At Your Pimples

Never pick at or pop your pimples. Ever since your first pimple popped out as a teenager many years back, you may have heard this nagging advice from your elders. The more that you touch a pimple, prick it, or poke it, the more likely it’s going to get infected. As a result, your acne can get irritated and stay longer on your skin. Worse, it might lead to a wound that will eventually scar.

Keeping your hands off your pimple will ensure that it’s free from bacteria. If not, you can expect nothing less than a face full of scars.

Effective Ways To Prevent and Help Acne Scarring 

4. Wear Sunscreen Daily

Dermatologists advise that it’s best to wear sunscreen every day. Yes, even if you aren’t going to the beach. UV rays and light from the sun can darken your acne marks. One of the best ways for you to prevent this from happening is by staying away from the sun or wearing sunscreen. In addition, wear a hat. Use an umbrella. Whatever means is most comfortable for you to shield yourself from the sun, by all means, go for it.



5. Decrease The Inflammation Of Your Pimples

When your pimples aren’t inflamed, then you’re safe. What you have to do now is to make sure that these pimples don’t worsen in condition. The more inflamed a pimple is, the higher the probability that it will lead to discoloration or scars once it dries up. You can opt for homemade remedies decrease the inflammation of your acne. Remedies include ingredients such as aspirin and water formed into a paste. But if you’re unsure, again, it’s best to seek the advice of a dermatologist.



The human body goes through numerous hormone changes, hence the possibility of having pimples and acne scarring. While this can be easily prevented, the unfortunate news is that the scars may stay on one’s skin for years. If you have acne now, you will want to lessen the scarring. If you don’t have pimples yet, then it’s good to be aware of the ways to prevent acne scarring. If acne scarring has long made you feel embarrassed or self-conscious, you can get back your confidence by preventing acne scarring.


Have you or a loved one suffered from acne scarring?

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Effective Ways To Prevent and Help Acne Scarring  - Acne scarring can affect your self-esteem and confidence. If you have acne now, you will want to lessen the scarring. Here are some of the most effective ways to prevent acne scarring. #acne scarring    #acne  #facialscarring  #pimples  #skincare  #acneprevention #acnetreatment