These days, everyone seems to be tired. Everywhere you look, there’s a coworker nursing a cup of coffee as they struggle to get through their Monday morning, or a friend who’s too exhausted to meet us for drinks from all the rushing and the stress of their day. You yourself often fall victim to bouts of sleepiness and sluggish boredom, and it’s difficult to find the motivation to really do something when you’re so damn weary all the time. Indeed, fatigue appears to be a permanent fixture in our lives, and it’s becoming a little difficult to keep fighting it every day.
But though this is a common modern-day problem it doesn’t mean we’re stuck with it. It can be solved through some good habits and mindfulness, so if you need help getting your energy back, here’s what you can do about it.

These days, everyone seems to be #tired. If you need help getting your #energy back, it’s all about #healthy habits – proper #nutrition, staying #active, and having a healthy routine.Click To Tweet

Less sugar, more fiber

5 Tips for Lasting Energy All Day, Every Day 
What we eat has a huge impact on our energy levels, especially when it comes to breakfast. Although you might be tempted to reach for a sugary pastry to give you a quick boost, don’t. Sugar might perk you up momentarily, but the effects are very brief, and you’re likely to experience a big dip in energy once it all wears off. Start your mornings with low-glycemic foods filled with fiber and protein – for example, a green smoothie and plant-based protein with mushrooms.
You can always turn to Ayurvedic principles of nutrition – nothing is right for everyone, and everything is right for someone. What this basically means is, you should listen to your body because it will tell you what it needs. Healthy nutrition nourishes both the mind and the body, so try to eat slowly and let yourself feel what kind of effect food leaves on you after you’ve eaten it. What makes you feel better in the long run, a glazed doughnut, or a fresh apple?

Get moving

5 Tips for Lasting Energy All Day, Every Day 
Staying active is about finding the right kind of workout, but it’s also about simply moving around more. Our sedentary lifestyles can lead to us feeling sluggish and sleepy all the time, but if you train yourself to walk more, to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, to get up from your desk every once in a while, then you’re a lot more likely to have energy.
You’ll speed up your circulation and let your body know it’s time for action, and you won’t fall victim to mid-afternoon drowsiness after you eat lunch. It’s generally a good idea to do your workouts in the morning and to take a short walk after lunch to help your body digest food without making you sleepy.

Use the right supplements

5 Tips for Lasting Energy All Day, Every Day 
Certain supplements can go a long way in helping your body conserve its energy, particularly if you’re deficient in some minerals. For example, iron supplements are a pretty good idea for women, athletes, and vegetarians because they often lack it due to lowered red meat intake, and being deficient can make you feel tired all the time.
Another thing you could benefit because it’s an important antioxidant that could improve your cardiovascular health, help your cell metabolism, and give you more energy if taken regularly. Of course, CoQ10 supplements are also good for our skin because they can help the production of collagen and keep it firm and youthful. You’ll get the best effect if you use them regularly, and as long as you pair this with a healthy diet you should be improving your energy levels significantly.

Create a fun morning routine

5 Tips for Lasting Energy All Day, Every Day 
Mornings don’t have to be stressful. Start them off with a fun, upbeat playlist as you prepare your breakfast, and let music lift your spirits and wake you up. You should also indulge in , pick out a nice outfit to wear, or do your makeup in a fun way. Do sweet things for yourself and you’ll find energy and motivation to carry you through the day.

Regulate your sleep pattern

5 Tips for Lasting Energy All Day, Every Day 
Can’t wait for the weekend so you could sleep in until 10AM? While it sounds relaxing, it could actually mess up your cycle and make it more difficult to get up on weekdays. Your body thrives when it gets used to certain healthy routines, and going to bed and getting up every day at the same time will help you create a good pattern. You’ll have an easier time staying awake when you’re supposed to, and you also won’t struggle to fall asleep at night.
It’s all about healthy habits – proper nutrition, staying active, and having a healthy routine. As long as you follow these tips you’ll get a big boost of energy and be motivated every day.
Guest post by Sophia Smith
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5 Tips for Lasting Energy All Day, Every Day  - These days, everyone seems to be tired. If you need help getting your energy back, it’s all about healthy habits – proper nutrition, staying active, and having a healthy routine.   #energy  #fatigue  #tired  #healthyliving  #healthyhabits  #propernutrition  #exercise