Some have described it as the Ethereum killer. Investors think it will be worth $1000 in 5 years. Is it worth the hype? EOS, like Ethereum, is a blockchain platform where developers can deploy decentralized applications. But before you pump all your money on the coin, let’s analyze EOS and evaluate its real potential.

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The Technicality

EOS is a blockchain-based smart contracts provider and a platform for deploying decentralized applications (dApps). EOS is also the cryptocurrency used to fuel transactions on the EOS blockchain.
While Ethereum and similar platform are often unable to handle an overload in transaction sizes, EOS is built to handle millions of transactions per second. Its blockchain is developed for industrial purposes but at the same time aims to eliminate transaction fees.
Ethereum is still king in terms of deploying decentralized applications. However, a recent backlog of transactions in earlier 2018 revealed the blockchain’s weakness. Ethereum isn’t good enough to handle the many transactions that go through its dAPPs. With the ability to handle a maximum of 15 transactions per second, it lags far behind EOS.
What’s the Potential of EOS Coin?

Team and Partners

EOS coin is owned by, a company registered in the Cayman Islands. The company’s CEO and lead developer, Dan Larimer, is the creator of decentralized exchange, BitShares, and Steem dAPP.
Based on Larimer’s presence alone, EOS is in good leadership. Dan Larimer’s former creations are all successful. He was able to attract the attention of 2 billionaires to EOS, a startup with a market cap of $12.36 Billion as at the time of writing. With enough money to improve the network, what remains of EOS is to market itself and outshine Ethereum.

Adoption Rate

EOS is one of the most successful ICO startups. Over the course of 2017 and 2018, the company raised over $4 billion, beating Telegram which raised $1.7 billion and all other ICOs. Despite not having a full name, traders quickly adopted the blockchain.
Today, more than 25 decentralized applications are deployed on the EOS platform. Some dAPPs hosted on Ethereum have also announced plans to move to EOS thanks to its incredible scalability and near-zero fees.
The EOS coin has also been on an upward curve since day 1. From a valuation of cents, the coin quickly rose to $5 within 5 months. By the time the EOS moved to the Mainnet on June 1, 2018, the EOS coin was trading above $12.
Few ICO tokens have had a growth rate as fast as EOS. And now that the has moved the EOS platform to an advanced Mainnet, the EOS coin will likely continue rising in value.
What’s the Potential of EOS Coin?

Market Supply

In total, plans to distribute 1 billion EOS tokens. That’s a number huge enough to keep EOS token prices affordable and its market supply in surplus. The EOS token is also available in nearly all cryptocurrency exchanges.
On the other hand, traders are constantly competing to own the coin not only for speculation but because it offers more benefits. Investors can stake their EOS coins to get more blockchain bandwidth and higher computational power.

Beyond dAPPs

In the course of the last one year, Ethereum stopped being just a token and assumed the role of a currency as well. Where Bitcoin was the only accepted cryptocurrency, Ethereum was adopted. If EOS continues with its splendid growth rate, it will likely become an accepted payment method as well.
While its biggest competitor uses a programing language that is new to developers, EOS is designed to attract any developers with knowledge of C, C+ + and several other coding languages.  Ethereum has previously faced the challenge of attracting developers, which puts EOS at the forefront when it comes to onboarding developers.
With EOS’ impressive scalability, affordability and market adoption, the crypto network stands at a great position to become the future leader of cryptocurrencies. At present, no one looks at EOS as Bitcoin’s killer, but if it beats Ethereum, it will be easier to beat Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is one of the least scalable coins in the world. With the capacity to handle about 3 transactions per seconds despite overpriced fees, Bitcoin is not business friendly. Organizations that are constantly looking cryptocurrency integration want scalable platforms. And while Ethereum was often seen as a solution to scalability issues, it has proven not to be the best alternative.
EOS now has the means and the money to prove to the world it could become both the best cryptocurrency and the best dAPP deployment platform. Its leadership is capable of leading the company mainstream and with $4 billion in its kitty; EOS is capable of achieving everything most coins are unable to:’s the Potential of EOS Coin?

Still a New Concept

EOS just launched their official blockchain platform. And despite having helped deploy more than 25 decentralized applications, EOS is in its initial steps. The company held an ICO in mid-2017 and has spent the last one-year crowdfunding.
After launching the mainnet, EOS officially invited interested startups to build dAPPs on their platform. The project is open source; meaning programmers are currently testing all aspects of the company. It’s not likely that the EOS coin will double or triple in value immediately, but users now have reasons to purchase it.
From now on, EOS tokens will stop being ERC20 tokens, and they will be EOS tokens. It’s a confusing issue if you still own the ERC20 tokens, but this article can help.  Afterward, when all EOS processes rely on the EOS blockchain, the startup’s potential will start to unveil.

EOS just launched their official blockchain platform. Investors looking forward to expanding their portfolio with a #dAPP platform may want to research about the #EOS #blockchainClick To Tweet

In Conclusion

EOS was the most successful ICOs when it was still one. It has since then developed a blockchain with near infinite scalability. By the time of the EOS mainnet launched, the coin was trading at above $12.
Investors looking forward to expanding their portfolio with a dAPP platform may want to research about the blockchain. Although most of the information about EOS is hype, there are lots of reasons to believe in the network’s potential. Whether it actualizes this potential is a matter of time but based on its whitepaper and what it has achieved, EOS has great potential.
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