Are you keen on aromatherapy? Well, you should join the trend of vaping essential oils, which has become amazingly popular among aromatherapy enthusiasts. All you need is an essential oil vape pen that heats the oil, thus producing a vapor that you eventually inhale.

Nowadays, there is an extensive range of such personal diffusers in the online market. You could vape pens, which come in a variety of sizes, materials, and features.

The following tips will help you choose the right model.



Consider functionality

The initial factor to consider when choosing a vape pen is functionality, as these devices are supposed to be convenient to use. Most vaporizers are rather simple, requiring you to place the essential oils in the vape pen, close the device, and push the button to commence vaping.

On the other hand, some models are equipped with sensors that activate the device once you start inhaling. Additionally, the most advanced vaporizers provide users with a variety of features such as temperature control and variable wattage. Bear in mind that the more features the personal diffusers have, the costlier they are.

 Essential Oil Vape Pens – How to Choose the Best One?

Choose the right essential oils

Making the right choice of essential oils is of great importance for your vaping habit. In order to get the most out of your experience, you are supposed to purchase oils of the best quality and purity. High-quality essential oils are not only safer but they taste better as well.

Moreover, potency is another factor to consider before making the ultimate choice. Most of the oils are quite potent, which is why you are advised to use solely a few drops in the beginning until your body adapts to its effects.

Make sure you pick an essential oil whose aroma you love, as otherwise, you won’t benefit from the experience. If you’re fond of experimenting, mixing different oils might result in creating a pleasant scent. Click here to check out the extensive list of essential oils that might be helpful when making a choice.


Pick the right heating method

The heating method is another important consideration when choosing a vape pen. These devices come in three types of heating methods: convection, conduction, and induction, which differ in efficiency and price. For instance, convection heating prevents the vaping material from coming in contact with heat, thus minimizing the risk of combustion. Anyhow, the material takes more time to heat up when compared to the other heating methods.

Conversely, the conduction heating method allows the vaping material to be directly heated, thus enabling you to vape once you press the button. Nevertheless, owing to the increased risk of combustion, you’ll be wasting a good portion of the vaping material.

Ultimately, induction is the most recent heating method that is used in the production of vape pens. It’s considered to be the safest alternative due to the eliminated risk of combustion. However, it still needs to gain in popularity.

 Essential Oil Vape Pens – How to Choose the Best One?

Consider battery life

When looking for a vaporizer, you are supposed to select a model whose battery life matches your vaping habits. If you intend to use your vape pen frequently, then you’d need a model with long battery life. Make sure you purchase a device with rechargeable batteries for better output. The following link,, includes useful tips for charging various types of vape pens.

In addition, battery life is affected by the flavor and vapor that the device produces. In order for you to enjoy a strong flavor, the device has to use more battery. Since high temperature is believed to affect the taste of essential oils, make sure you purchase a model with temperature control to prevent the device from overheating.


Consider your budget

There is an extensive price range of vape pens on the market, which depends on their features, heating method, material, and battery life. The models with convection heating and long battery life tend to be much costlier than the ones using the conduction method. Remember that your budget is supposed to include both the device and the vaping materials.




Purchasing the right vaporizer is crucial for enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy.

Make the right choice!


Have you tried vaping essential oils?

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