Express Yourself

Personalities, everybody has one.

Within that personality, everyone has multiple personas.

After all, it’s unlikely a person will interact with their boss the same way they would with their mother,

or with their child like they would with the mail carrier or with a group of party goers as they would

with a dog.

If you’re like me, you’ll focus on the dog and not the people at the party because dogs are…well, dogs!

In today’s world, there are many ways that we can express our personalities to the world around us

without saying a word.

No matter which persona someone dons in a particular moment in time, the base personality is

always there and we have ways of showing that off.


“In today’s world, there are many

ways that we can express our

personalities to the world around

us without saying a word.”


Our Phones

Express Yourself

In a relatively short period of time mobile phones have gone from being a rarely seen curiosity to

something so ubiquitous a person stands out when they don’t have one.

In 2015, nearly  a smartphone.

The very first personalization starts even before purchase.

Android or iOS?

This isn’t as simple of a choice as it may seem.

Get a group of tech-oriented people together and a lively debate can easily ensue.

Our smartphones are generally not inexpensive items and so we find ways to protect them.

That may be as simple as a plain hard-shell case to protect the phone when dropped, or it may be

something from a wide variety of .

What might fit your personality?

Express Yourself

Paoo Fresu Iphone Case Image Source:

Abstract or Surrealistic Art—Here a person might find a pattern of blocks in a variety of colors,

a Daliesque portrait or designs intended to evoke Native American or Aztec motifs.

Animals—Examples here would include a favorite breed of dog (or cat), an outdoor activity you enjoy

such as horseback riding or fishing or perhaps a favorite wild animal like lions and tigers and bears.

Famous Figures—Who we admire. A celebrity, real or fictional, can tell the world about us.

President George Washington? Marylin Monroe? Darth Vader?

There are plenty of iconic personalities to choose from.

Our Clothes 

Express Yourself

No matter where we are, be it walking down the street, in a restaurant or riding the bus, one of the first

things other people notice about us is what we’re wearing.

From hats on our heads to the shoes on our feet and everything in between we are expressing ourselves

to  the world.

can give people clues about us.

T-shirts, especially, can give even the casual observer insight into our personalities.

My personal t-shirt collection represents a fair bit about me.

I’m an scifi geek (Star Wars, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), and a football fanatic (THE Ohio

State University) with an inner child (Tigger, Eeyore).

Other shirts out there can express your politics, your faith or your completely weird sense of humor.

Our Mode of Transportation

Express Yourself

I’ll admit it.

While traveling along in my automobile, my mind will conjure up images of what a person might be like

based on what I see them driving or riding.

Anybody else willing to raise their hand with me?

Sitting at a stop light and one of those huge Hummer SUVs going one way turns left in front of the little

Prius heading in the other direction.

Getting passed by a couple of burly guys on the interstate taking their Hogs out for a ride then seeing

the guy riding his Vespa in the grocery store parking lot.

I think it is only natural to wonder who might be driving such polar-opposite vehicles.

Not in a judgmental way, but in amazement at the diversity in the world.

Express Yourself

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

It’s easy to see that the picture a person presents the world can speak volumes long before they even

open their mouth.


What are some of the unique ways that you express yourself?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.