Fall inspires us to reconnect with nature — the landscape is so beautiful, why wouldn’t we? But you can do more than just spending time outside this fall to enjoy all of its bounty and colors. You can also let the season inspire your wardrobe, right down to your fall accessories.
The following are six handcrafted pieces that will bring the perfect autumnal touch to your looks. On top of that, the proprietors making these six fall accessories use earth-friendly materials and practices for their creations, so you can feel even better each time you wear one of them.

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Purchasing a case for your phone is an eco-friendly decision. Protecting your device means it won’t be susceptible to cracks or breaks that render it unusable. The longer your phone lasts, the fewer resources you require to perform your day-to-day web surfing, after all.
This phone case incorporates one of fall’s most iconic motifs — the colorful, changing leaf. Deep reds, golden yellows and rich greens cover the sky-blue backdrop. Of course, you could take things a step further by opting for a , such as a rustic wood case. That, too, would emulate the warm fall vibes with which you want to accessorize.


This piece is meant to feature waves, but its curves look an awful lot like the fall leaves that make this season so romantic. Plus, thanks to its combination of metallics — yellow, rose and white golds — it can go with just about any outfit and any other accessory.
An artisan in Brazil hand-makes this ring, so your money can bolster the economy there. What’s more, your purchase will also benefit the efforts of UNICEF worldwide. The money you spend on it will provide the charity with enough profits to buy 214 oral rehydration salts, which help those suffering from dehydration. So not only is the handcrafting process earth-friendly, but the sale betters the world at large. In other words, this is some feel-good jewelry.


These handcrafted earrings are another must-have fall accessory, and the tree at their center is a perfect representation of the season. The team at Inspiranza Designs prides themselves on creating their pieces themselves since so much of today’s commerce takes place with the aid of a machine.
This particular pair of earrings is made of sterling silver, which has an extra long lifespan. By some estimates, this material can last for centuries, and it will even appreciate in value if it’s well-maintained over that time.


For 150 years, Pendleton has woven wool into gorgeous accessories and wardrobe pieces. The featherweight wool scarf is perfect for fall — the weather hasn’t reached its coldest, but you still might want an extra layer for a crisp autumn night. To that end, you can knot this extra-large knit in a variety of ways, making it even more fun and comfortable to wear.
The featherweight scarf is made of virgin wool, but it’s of the same material. Recycled wool is shredded before it’s repurposed, making it more permeable than its original counterpart. Virgin wool products, therefore, can last for decades. Plus, they’re stain, odor and wrinkle-resistant — you can just hang your scarf up to air it out rather than using resources to wash it or have it dry-cleaned.


Etsy artisan ThreeSistersFoundry creates many necklaces with dangling glass baubles at their ends, but they put a fall twist on this one, turning a tortoise-toned bead into an acorn with a brass cap. The handcrafted product will, of course, have a few imperfections — the site’s description says that buffing may reveal lighter streaks in the brass, for example. But that’s precisely how nature would create an acorn, which means the handcrafted product is just like its inspiration.


Buying vintage is a surefire way to know that your look is eco-friendly. You’re taking a piece that has already been owned and worn and adding it into your wardrobe rotation. If it weren’t for you, the material might end up in a landfill even though it’s still a wearable piece of clothing.
This bangle was first made in the 1940s, but its classic design makes it the perfect accessory today. Plus, the floral motif set in a rustic gold tone will go with all of autumn’s signature hues: maroon, burnt orange, goldenrod, brown and more.
These products are just six examples of how you can use fall to inspire your seasonal rotation of fall accessories. On top of that, each choice is special because it’s handmade — the bespoke nature of production means resources aren’t wasted in the process. This way, you can wear your fall festiveness with pride.
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