The world is reeling from of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. With millions of people under quarantine and borders closing between countries, food supply is becoming a big problem for people. Also in some are, many people are panic buying, and fresh items are hardly seeing the day of light — making it a struggle to put healthy, nutritious, immune-boosting and filling food every day.

It can become challenging for families to juggle between a full day of work (often from home) and handling kids who want different types of food every day. Here are some easy ways to make sure your family eats tasty, nourishing plant-based food, without wasting money or resources.



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1. Start your day with turmeric water

Turmeric boosts our immunity, and in these uncertain times, boosting our immunity is not a bad idea. So, start your morning by drinking turmeric water or take 1 tbsp of turmeric and pour lukewarm water over it.

You can make your own turmeric milk or golden milk to boost immunity.

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2. Eat fresh veggies and fruits

It can be a struggle to get fresh fruits and vegetables with limited stock, and going out to food shop is a severe risk, but whenever possible, buy fresh (ideally organic) produce or have fresh fruits and vegetables delivered. You can even freeze these fruits and vegetables so that they last longer.

Try and give at least one fruit to your kids every day. You can make fresh juices, smoothies, assorted salads, baked sweet potatoes, veggie bowls or cook a hearty vegetable soup which makes vegetables last longer, and soup is also comforting, nutritious, and easy to make.

Try these healthy, delicious, plant-based fruit and vegetable recipes:

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Fight COVID-19 with These Healthy Plant-Based Eating Tips

3. Opt for one-pot meals

Since most parents are working from home, and they have to keep the house clean, play with kids, help with homeschooling, and do other things, simplifying your meals is a great option. One-pot meals are a great option as they remove the burden of washing tons of dishes, and uses fewer ingredients. They can be extremely delicious, and there are tons of such recipes online. For instance, you can:

  • Make vegetable porridge with brown rice or quinoa.
  • Make one-pot pasta with tomatoes, broccoli, bell pepper, or any other vegetables you have. They are healthy (use whole wheat pasta), and filling, and your kids will love them.
  • Make a hearty protein and vegetable soup or stew.

Try these hearty, healthy plant-based soups and stews:

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Fight COVID-19 with These Healthy Plant-Based Eating Tips

4. Use canned vegetables and beans

Don’t worry if you are unable to find fresh vegetables and fruit options. Using canned products is also a good option. They have less nutrition as compared to fresh produce, but they are still healthy. Also, they last long. For example, canned beans, chickpeas or tomatoes are great to have in your stock. You can use these options to create quick and healthy food items. Moreover, combining them with other staples such as whole grains, can help you cook a variety of meals which are healthy and delicious for your kids.

Fight COVID-19 with These Healthy Plant-Based Eating Tips

5. Make and stock up condiments

In some cultures, there are times when you can only offer lentils to your kids or a simple wrap. These can be bland due to the lack of vegetables. For such a time, condiments are a great option. You can eat a chapati with it or toasted bread, and so on. Create condiments like dips or sauces or chutneys as they last longer and can go with tons of things. Dips and sauces are easy to make and are nutritious and full of flavor too.

Fermented vegetables such as kimchi and pickles are also an option. Buy the ready-made ones, if you don’t have a homemade pickles.

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6. Healthy snacking

It is okay to say ‘No’ to kids when they are demanding sweets or candy all the time. They will need snacks to keep their energy up the whole day. Instead of giving them processed food or chocolates, try giving them healthy options that are easily available. For instance, you can give them fruits, nuts, dehydrated vegetable chips or make healthy snacks at home.

Fight COVID-19 with These Healthy Plant-Based Eating Tips

7. Try to limit intake of processed foods

With fresh produce being a limited option in some areas, a lot of people are buying processed foods. It is unavoidable, but you can make it better by choosing a comparatively healthier brand.

Also, don’t make too many sweets or fried food at home. They are unhealthy, and eating healthy is the need of the hour. For example, opt for air-popped popcorn or homemade kale chips instead of potato chips.

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8. Stay hydrated

Drink a lot of water, and encourage your kids to do the same. While you can drink green tea or herbal tea as it hydrates and tastes well, offer kids something else. For instance, add cucumber or lemon slices to their water. It will give it a unique taste, and they will drink water too.


Pro tip: Create a healthy diet planner using a free meal plan template on It will help you or your family stick to a nutritious diet and remain healthy. While you are there, check out their free collection of Covid19 print and social media resources which you can share to help #StopTheSpread.

Remember, it is important to not waste food as thousands of families across the globe are going to sleep hungry because they don’t have food. Due to the pandemic, many people live on low wages or are out of work and are therefore struggling–so don’t waste food and try to help people in need (and stray animals) with food any way you can.

Guest post by Kavita Paliwal


What are your favorite plant-based eating tips?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.



Fight COVID-19 with These Healthy Plant-Based Eating Tips  - Want to stay nourished during the Covid 19 pandemic? Here are some plant-based shopping and cooking tips to make sure your family eats tasty, nutritious food, without wasting money or resources.  #covid19  #pandemic  #vegandiet  #plant-baseddiet  #shopping  #plant-basedcooking  #boostingimmunity  #eatinghealthy






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