Nearly everyone has become involved in the effort to be consciously clean, whether it be in your lifestyle to help the environment, with your diet to improve your overall health, or in your mindset for an enhanced sense of wellness. The latest ingredient to enter into the organic health space is wheatgrass, which derives from Triticum aestivum or the common wheat plant’s leaves.

The growth and preparation process can take place at home or merely purchase it in the form of a supplement, juice, or powder. Claims indicate that it has the capability for liver detoxification, improvement to functions of the immune system, and countless other boasts.

For those who indulge regularly, you can purchase the product through a bulk supplier of wheatgrass and barley.



Benefits of Wheatgrass

Finding a Bulk Supplier to Reap the Many Benefits of Wheatgrass 

Wheatgrass is evolving as among the new favorite power ingredients in the natural food space. It is showing up in a variety of health food markets and throughout the popular juice bars. It touts as offering massive advantages to the body, which falls in line with the clean eating trend. A few of the pros relating to the compound are as follows:


  • Resource for multiple vitamins and minerals: The ingredient is particularly rich in vitamins A, C, and E along with magnesium, iron, 17 amino acids, and calcium. Eight of the amino acids are essential as the body is incapable of producing them, meaning you need to receive them via food. As with any green plant, it comprises chlorophyll, which is a pigment known for a wealth of healthy benefits. Not to mention the antioxidants such as glutathione and vitamins C, E. An antioxidant is responsible for fighting free radicals to ward off damage to cells and decrease oxidative stresses with the potential to protect against ailments including cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.


  • Too much cholesterol (a waxy substance found in the body needed in small amounts for hormone and bile production) in the blood has the potential to block the blood flow and cause heart disease. There is a possibility that wheatgrass can potentially assist in lowering cholesterol levels. Completion has taken place for tests on animals, but none completed on humans to determine the effects for those with cholesterol issues. Read the “Health Benefits of Wheatgrass & Barley Grass” to learn the differences and benefits between wheat and barley grasses.

Finding a Bulk Supplier to Reap the Many Benefits of Wheatgrass 

  • There were studies done in test tubes that found due to the high antioxidant levels; the compound could potentially kill cancer cells. Some research shows the juice to help in combination with traditional cancer treatment to reduce adverse side effects such as the increased risk of bone marrow impairment from chemo. These studies need completion on people to determine the actual impact before there can be conclusive results.


  • Some people are adding wheatgrass juice as a supplement to their diet as it boasts of being a convenient and straightforward means for weight loss. The is an element known as thylakoids that are tiny pockets of chlorophyll that absorb sun in achieving photosynthesis. This element has the potential to enhance satiety which would in turn encourage weight loss. But these are found in other food sources such as leafy greens, green vegetables including kale, spinach, and lettuce.


Wheatgrass deems to be safe for those who have celiac disease or have any sensitivity to gluten as only the seeds of the wheat kernel offer gluten; the grass doesn’t. As with anything that you’re new to consuming, it’s always better to consult with your primary physician before you start. Find out if wheat or barley grass are free if gluten.

If you are growing your ingredients at home, understand that it is very susceptible to mold. If you notice any bitterness when tasting or if you view what looks to be a spoiled appearance, don’t question it, toss it out.

Some suffer from symptoms when consuming, such as nausea, diarrhea, or headache. If this is your experience, the suggestion is that you reduce your intake to decrease the adverse effects. If the symptoms persist, you should speak to your doctor and consider stopping the compound altogether.




Finding a Bulk Supplier to Reap the Many Benefits of Wheatgrass 

More studies need to be done on people as opposed to animals to confirm the benefits provided by this ingredient. Drinking it as part of a whole, clean, well-balanced diet has the potential to provide health benefits and extra nutrients. It is widely available in juice, powder, and supplement form at a vast array of health stores or grocery shops, or you can simply make your own at home.

There’s a multitude of things you can do with wheatgrass aside from juices, including smoothies, adding it to foods such as salad dressings, putting it in your tea, or a number of other beverages. Clean eating is vital to maintaining good health, and the new trend is to use wheatgrass to assist with that process—a natural, organic means to healing our ailments. That’s a good thing.


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Finding a Bulk Supplier to Reap the Many Benefits of Wheatgrass  - Wheatgrass has been used for liver detoxification, improvement to functions of the immune system, and countless other wellness purposes.  Use wheatgrass to make juices, smoothies, add it to foods such as salad dressings, put it in your tea, or a number of other beverages.  #wheatgrass   #wheat   #healthyfoods #superfoods   #immunity   #detoxification