Working a full-time job and having a family sometimes might leave you with no time to go to the gym. So, you have two options. You either set up a gym in a designated room or the basement of your house or set it up in the neighborhood. Either way, you will need fitness equipment purchasing tips to carry out your project.
Fitness Equipment Purchasing Tips
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Working a full-time job and having a family might leave you with no time to go to the gym. These #fitness #equipment purchasing tips should help you buy the best products so you can #exercise anytime you want.Click To Tweet

Ignore the Commercials

Commercials will constantly tell you that an exercise device or machine should be quick, easy to use, and provide you with long-lasting, sweat-free results. Some companies even use before-and-after photos, testimonials, and celebrity endorsements to convince you to buy their products. But all of those don’t prove that the fitness equipment really is efficient.
Instead of listening to marketing people whose job is to promote those products, you can turn to expert resources. is packed with expert advice, consumer reports, ratings, and professional reviews of various types of fitness equipment. If you like a piece of equipment there, you can always book a session at a gym that uses the machine and try it for yourself!
Fitness Equipment Purchasing Tips

Set Up a Budget – and Stick to It

Calculate a budget to purchase fitness equipment. Take note that it is better to have a few high-end products (and complete the personal gym later) than owning many low-end products that don’t feel “real”. Go for reputed brands that have high-quality products, excellent customer support, and partnerships with gyms.
Take into account the total budget, not just the one you see in the first statements. There’s always a real cost behind those statements that is higher. Check if the price includes shipping fees, delivery, sales tax, and installation costs. Also, take note that you should calculate what “three payments of …” or “… per month” mean. You should also look into the costs of parts and maintenance service that you might need over the years. Also, make sure that the price is good enough to keep your motivation high.
Fitness Equipment Purchasing Tips

Know What and Why You Buy


Cardio Machines

Cardio equipment typically costs a few hundred to thousand dollars, depending on motorization, and add-ons.

  • Elliptical trainers: For circular up-and-down motion with an impact-free workout. Make sure elliptical trainers have balance, comfortable handlebars, and non-slip pedals.
  • Cross-country ski machine: For a sliding motion that works your arms and legs. There are more types of ski machines, so you should find out which one suits you.
  • Stair-steppers: For low-impact workout as it reproduces climbing stairs. You should look for stair-steppers with independent foot action, large platform, and handrails.
  • Stationary bike: For small-intensity workout. Make sure the seat and clips are adjustable.
  • Treadmill: For traditional walking-running workout. You should choose a machine with a strong motor that is long-lasting.
  • Rowing-machine: For arms, legs, and back workout. Buy pulley machines, instead of piston ones for a positive rowing training.


Strength Machines

Weight lifting machines aren’t always suitable for home use. If you are a beginner, you should go for portable second-hand adjustable dumbbells.

  • Exercise mat: Thick but soft. Choose no-slip models.
  • Hand weights: Extremely versatile, as you can purchase loads of 2-8 pounds. Make sure dumbbells have padded center bars for a comfortable grip.
  • Ankle weights: Exercise versatility, thanks to 5-10-pound weights. You should buy those with comfortable cuffs and pockets that allow add-ons.
  • Resistance tubing: Several levels of resistance with door attachment for anchoring tubes. Look for padded handles at the ends of the tubes.
  • Resistance bands: Versatile, designated by color.

Fitness Equipment Purchasing Tips

Check Out Mechanism, Not Specs

Not all treadmills are made equal. The main difference between various fitness equipment manufacturers is that they have unique philosophies about building equipment. Therefore, as much as you might know about a machine, you will never know all of them.
You can take a peek at how a machine works by contacting equipment suppliers. They typically allow customers to see full 3D renderings of how your home gym will look like. You might even get a lower quote if you plan to purchase more equipment from the same brand.
You can also hit the stores, see the products in person, test them, and even discuss with a specialized salesperson.
Fitness Equipment Purchasing Tips

Look for the Warranty

Commercial gym equipment usually comes with maintenance and a warranty. You should ask about any maintenance required and if you would need to call customer support for service check-ups once in a while. Such regular check-ups which are usually necessary twice per year can expand the lifetime of a product and prevent potential repairs. According to , the typical fitness equipment in a gym has more germs than a toilet seat. Therefore, there is some maintenance you should perform yourself.
Make sure that the return policy doesn’t include shipping fees.
Moreover, the extended warranty doesn’t necessarily mean that you get the best product. Manufacturers offer impressive warranties to maintain market share if they don’t innovate, if they want to get more market share, or guarantee for a good product. You’ll never fully know the reasons behind an extended warranty until you thoroughly research.
Fitness Equipment Purchasing Tips

Get Deals with No Chills

There are many deals in specialized stores and online shops that you can take advantage of. However, make sure that you don’t get charmed by a deal that’s actually no-deal. Check regular prices, as some discounts actually reflect the regular price of the product.
Also, consider the long-term use of the fitness equipment. If you exercise regularly, you should see when the investment you make comes down to zero. Take the amount you spend on a piece of equipment which lasts for ten years and see how much you would have invested in a gym membership on a daily basis. Meanwhile, consider other expenses such as coffee, soda, and products you daily buy. This might motivate you to change your entire diet or lifestyle.
These equipment purchasing tips should help you buy the best products which enable you to work out on any occasion. Aside from measuring and research, you will need to ensure that delivery is scheduled and install the machines. Also, stay away from fake deals, and always check the warranty.
Have you purchased fitness equipment for your workouts?
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