Following Your Ancestors' Footsteps...Literally

Genealogy research is a field that has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last few decades.

Electronic storage of historical records and the ability to access them remotely via the internet

has made it incredibly easy for researchers in any part of the world to trace their lineage in

any other part of the world.

Marriage licenses, death records, , and thousands of other items are

rapidly accessible.

Following Your Ancestors' Footsteps...Literally

It’s clear that the researcher of 2017 can acquire the same information much more easily

than the 1987 researcher.

This leaves us in a bit of a quandary:

With all the time and money we’ve saved with a rapid online trip through history, what

else can we do to deepen our understanding?

For many people, it’s enough just to have the names, dates, and locations.

And they may be quite content to pocket the financial savings and spend more time with

their present-day relatives.

Following Your Ancestors' Footsteps...Literally

But for others, the possibilities of how to invest those research resources are endless.

An option that many have chosen is to hit the road and visit the places where their

ancestors lived, worked, and played. If that appeals to you, think about these options

for making it happen.

Visit Local Sites

Following Your Ancestors' Footsteps...Literally

When it took hours and days to find out that your great-grandparents owned a general

store on the frontier, that was probably as far as you could get.

When an app or a website gets you that information in just minutes, you can take it a

little further.

You can visit the town where they worked and get a feel for the weather, the scenery, the

local dialects, the food, and everything else they experienced.