Foods to Boost Your Workout


If you live a busy and active life, it’s easy to reach for the quickest meal just out of convenience

but the food you eat can have a big effect on your workout.

If you eat the right food at the right time, it can leave you feeling energized and help to get rid

of those post gym aches and pains.


“Eating the right food at the right

time can leave you feeling energized

and help to get rid of those post gym

aches and pains.”


Getting Motivated

Foods to Boost Your Workout

When it’s cold outside and the nights are drawing in, finding the motivation to hit the gym

can be hard.

There are plenty of different foods that contain goodness that well help you get up and moving.

Foods containing lots of Omega 3 (such as oily fish, walnuts, egg yolks) are great for boosting

your motivation level.

Foods to Boost Your Workout

Omega 3 is also really important for our heart, digestion and cognitive functions so consuming

more of this fatty acid will give you more than an extra spring in your step.

A simple way to get more Omega 3 into your diet is by sprinkling Flax Seeds over your lunch

or dinner.

Giving Energy

Foods to Boost Your Workout

Caffeine and sugar always seem like a good way to feel energized although this isn’t the case.

These two things might give you a short term buzz but in the long run, could affect your sleep and

have the opposite effect.

Getting your full 8 hours rest at night is optimal to feeling refreshed and ready to start the day

however, some changes in your diet can have a positive impact on your energy levels.

Foods to Boost Your Workout

The suggests that around 2 billion – 30% of the world’s population –

are anaemic due to an iron deficiency.

Iron plays an important role in energizing our bodies by carrying oxygen to the muscles and brain

which is critical for our mental and physical activities.

Foods to Boost Your Workout

When we think of iron rich food, it’s often beef steaks and chicken liver, but there are plenty of

options for vegetarians too.

Oyster, clams, mussels and sardines are for seafood eaters and also vegetables such

as broccoli, spinach and potato.

Boosting Metabolism

Foods to Boost Your Workout

If you are embarking on your fitness plan to help lose weight then giving your metabolism a

kickstart is a great way to help burn fat.

Your metabolism is partly down to genetics, but certain foods and drinks can help speed it up.

Dehydration is one of many factors that could slow your metabolism down so keeping hydrated

with eight or more glasses of water per day will give your body a hand.

Your metabolism revs up once you’ve had something to eat so snacking more often, on healthy

foods, can help to keep it running well.

Foods to Boost Your Workout

Various studies suggest that people who snack more often, eat less as meal times too which is

a benefit if you are trying to shed the pounds.

Eating more chilies and spicy food is said to speed up the fat burning process but the scientific

evidence for this is weak so far.

Preventing Injury

Foods to Boost Your Workout

A big workout can take its toll on your body and it’s important to avoid getting injured.

Although some injuries are inevitable and unavoidable, nutrition can help to play a part in

keeping you fighting fit.

Protein is the building block that our skin, hair and nails are build from but it also helps to

build strong muscle mass.

Foods to Boost Your Workout

Foods high in protein are often also full of calcium (Whole milk and cheese) which is vital

for strong bones.

If you find yourself with an injury then it’s important to visit a specialist such as The Christie Clinic

to assess the damage.

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What foods do you eat to boost your workout?

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