Gaining Strength and Muscle Tone in the Forearms

Shoulders, triceps, biceps…forearms?

If you’re neglecting these part of your arms, then check out for

maximum results!

Exercises Work When You Work!

Gaining Strength and Muscle Tone in the Forearms

First and foremost (no pun intended,) working out will require you to be engaged and active

the whole time.

In short, exercises work when you work!

Therefore, you need to keep your core tight and engaged, because the core is the most important

body part of any exercises.

It also helps you to maintain good posture throughout the movements.

When it comes to the Gymjunkies forearm workout, you need to ensure that you are really engaging

the muscles in your forearms.

Squeeze them tight as if you were lifting 300 pounds!

Imagine the results that you want, and do the actual work to get them!

Also remember that your results will be dependent on your nutrition as well.

Muscles are made of protein, so be sure to get enough of it.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Gaining Strength and Muscle Tone in the Forearms

By “teamwork,” we actually mean incorporating your forearm exercises into the routines that you

already do.

For instance, let’s say that it is back and shoulders day.

You are going to be doing exercises that will engage your arms already, so try paying closer attention

to those movements and keeping the forearm muscles nice and tight.

This engagement will work the forearms even more, and you’ll get a back and shoulder workout in

as well!

On top of that, it is not necessary to devote an to the forearms, but including the

Gymjunkies forearm workout into your regular routine will definitely help.

While you’re working the biceps and triceps, throw in some of the forearm movements as well to get

an all-around burn.

Try These Key Workouts

Gaining Strength and Muscle Tone in the Forearms

Now to the good stuff–the moves that Gymjunkies recommends for buff forearms and greater

muscle growth.

It is suggested that you refrain from wearing wrist straps when you do Deadlifts so that you

can work the forearms even more.

If that is causing too much pressure and stress on your joints, then try out the Farmer’s Walk:

hold one dumbbell in each hand (go for something heavy that won’t compromise your form,)

and walk thirty paces with them.

Another exercise is the Reverse Grip Curl, in which you hold the barbell in the center with

your forearms facing up.

Trust us, you will certainly feel the burn with that one!

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of hand-held squeeze grips–they also work the



What are your favorite forearm exercises?

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