Get Healthy Now
Nobody can predict what life will throw at you, but that should not prevent you from being ready in case of emergency. An emergency can take shape in many forms. Emergencies arise from severe weather, sudden illness, accidents, etc. It is truly mind-boggling how we make it through the day with all the dangers surrounding us.

Many of you have asked me, how you can be prepared when we have no idea how what will happen in our everyday lives. Well, my answer is simple. The best way to be prepared for any emergency is to keep yourself as healthy as possible. You can have a ton of bugout bags and MREs but if you are out of shape—physically, mentally, or both—you will not last long.

The bottom line is; you need to ready for an emergency. If you do not believe you are ready, now is the time to start. You cannot afford to put off any treatments or surgeries. If you do, the people who depend on you may suffer because you did not take care of yourself.

So my fellow preppers, here are some tips that should help maintain your good health.

Get Healthy Now

Physical and Mental Wellness

When an emergency happens, you need to be at your physical and mental best to handle it successfully. Some of the best ways to get and stay healthy are exercising, eating well, sleeping properly, regular checkups, and eliminating barriers. All these things—working in concert—will help you attain good health—both physical and mental.

Get Healthy Now Exercise

Daily exercise is paramount to achieving great health. If exercise is not already a part of your daily routine, it is time to add it. The very least you can do is start walking. A couple years ago, a friend of mine took up walking; that was the only form of exercise he took part in. After a few months, he went from 230 to 180 pounds.

Get Healthy Now Eating Well

Food is the body’s fuel. You need to ensure that whatever you put in your body benefits it rather than hinders it. If you do not eat a balanced diet, your body will break down on you at the moment you need it the most.

Get Healthy Now Sleeping Properly

You need to establish and maintain a sleeping schedule that ensures you get the proper amount of rest. Six to eight hours is optimal, anything less or more than that will hinder your alertness and performance during the day.

Get Healthy Now Regular Checkups

To ensure you are doing everything you can to reach your health goals, it is always a good idea to check in with your personal physician on a regular basis. They can help you develop a plan that is best for your current needs. More importantly they might find something that will hinder your progress—say back pain—and then work with you to find a solution.

Get Healthy Now
Eliminating Barriers

We all have something that attempts to hinder us during our day to day lives. For some of us, it is a minor annoyance that interferes little with our day. On the other hand, you might be suffering from something that is completely debilitating—for example, addiction leaves you unable to handle anything.

You can be fit as a fiddle but if you suffer from addictions or other mental health issues—such as burnout—you might be less than useful in an emergency. Thankfully, there is help. Addiction and mental health counselors from such facilities as Hotel California By the Sea devote their lives to helping people remove barriers that prevent them from being successful.

Get Healthy Now


I need to say again, that you cannot just do one of these things and hope to be fully prepared for an emergency. They work best together. Sure, it sounds intimidating but I believe you can do it. I know you can do it, and I know you want to do it. Otherwise, you—faithful reader—would not keep coming back to my site.

Please remember, now is the time to get started. I need to reiterate that you cannot put off anything that needs to be treated right away. If you are a regular reader of the Seasoned Citizen Prepper, chances are you are the person people will look to in a time of strife. You need to be ready.



What steps are you taking to be fully prepared for an emergency?

What are your key tips for getting and staying healthy?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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