Get into the Swim of Things to Cool Off and Get Fit this Summer

Cool off and get fit in the water this summer.

On hot days, I’m sure you will agree that there’s nothing quite like taking a dip
in some nice, cool water.
One of the best things about exercising in water is that it keeps you cool.
Lounging by the pool is a popular summer activity.
But there’s much more to do there than lounging.
The pool is also a great place to get some exercise.
Workouts that would normally make you all hot and sweaty don’t do so in
the pool–yet they still get your heart pumping and work your muscles.

Jump in and Swim

Swimming is the first activity that comes to mind when it comes to exercising
at the pool.
And it is a good one.
Swimming works almost every single muscle in your body.
The resistance provided by the water adds to the toning benefits, and a
fast-paced swim can really get your heart rate up.
Swimming isn’t the only thing you can do in the pool, though.

Workouts That are All Wet

Water aerobics are quite popular these days, particularly for pregnant women
and people with arthritis and other joint problems.
It provides the same benefits as regular aerobics, but it is very low-impact.
Going to the lake or beach also gives us plenty of exercise options.
Surfing is great for building balance and core strength.
Taking a ride on a rowboat or paddleboat can provide a workout as well.
Even jet skiing can build a surprising amount of strength.
For water lovers, workouts that incorporate going to the pool, lake or beach
are ideal.
Being able to get a workout while spending time at a favorite place provides
lots of added motivation.

Get into the Swim of Things to Cool Off and Get Fit this Summer

Running, walking and playing on the beach are great ways to cool off and exercise.

And for those of you are who aren’t crazy about the water, the benefits of
water exercise might just give you the incentive to become acquainted with it.
Even when you’re not in the water, running, walking and playing on the
beach are great additions to your water workout.

So, Make A Splash This Summer

As the infographic below illustrates, swimming is a fun and fabulous way to
get fit, fight weight gain, reduce pain and improve your health.
So, what are you waiting for?
Make plans to have fun, cool off and get fit in the water this summer.

Make a Splash

Do you like to swim or exercise in the water? Share your experiences, suggestions and comments.
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