Practically everyone can admit that they’d like to get to the gym more often. Being in your peak physical fitness is one of those lofty goals that often get left behind for more immediate needs. Walking the dog, putting the kids to bed and every little task in between never seems to leave room the day for exercise.

So despite the clear indications of the major benefits of regular exercise, many people don’t feel they their health is a major priority until something comes up. It’s hard to make exercise a priority when there’s no immediate consequences to it.

Why is working out so hard? Unlike most of the rest of our modern lives, working out just hasn’t gotten any more convenient. We can order food and groceries to our door, hire a handyman through an app, and pay for everything through our phones. Yet exercise still means for many getting out of the house, and doing it the old-fashioned way. It takes tons of effort and time to see results.



“Download one of these amazing apps

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However, a new age of health and fitness is available at our fingertips. Getting a workout in has never been more convenient. You can download one of the amazing apps available on the market right now, and gain access to personal training, workout videos, and life-changing tools. What’s more, you don’t even have to leave your house.

For those who need help with their long-forgotten diets, a handy application on your phone can help you track everything you eat, and educate you on the nutrients most important to your body. For those without a clue how to get the best exercise for your needs, there are apps that can help guide you through a full workout.

For help figuring out which app is right for you, Bestow compiled this great list of apps organized by category and fully vetted, so only the best-rated apps are listed. Check it out below:


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