Getting Back to Nature in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a stunning destination that is very popular with visitors from Australia and

New Zealand throughout the year.

Its natural beauty and incredible wildlife are some of its greatest attractions, so here are some

of the highlights to look out for when you travel here on your holiday.

Visit the Beaches

Getting Back to Nature in New Caledonia

As a tropical island, it comes as no surprise that many people visit for the beaches–

of which there are many.

Some popular beaches like Baie des Citrons are located in Nouméa, whereas others are more

remote beaches located far from anywhere.

On the beaches, swimming and snorkelling are the most popular activities.

If you visit Nouméa, head to Duck Island on a water taxi and you will find some excellent

snorkelling here.

Other top snorkelling spots include I’llot Maitre, which is in a marine reserve and located near

to Nouméa, and the Isle of Pines, which is a bit further away.

However, there are many more places to snorkel all over the island.

Explore the Barrier Reef 

Getting Back to Nature in New Caledonia

The is the standout natural attraction here, and it is a true wonder

of nature.

Second only to the Great Barrier Reef in size, it is simply spectacular, and it is also a

World Heritage Site.

You will find it stretching around Grande Terre, the largest of New Caledonia’s islands, and it

is 930 miles long in total.

The lagoon it encloses is also very impressive.

At 9,300 square miles, it is one of the biggest in the world.

As well as snorkelling and swimming, you will be able to enjoy many other water sports here.

See the Native Flora and Fauna

Getting Back to Nature in New Caledonia

You can explore the native flora and fauna for yourself when you snorkel or go scuba diving, but

there is plenty to see above land as well if you get the chance.

Over 3,000 species of birds and animals are native to New Caledonia, and 80 percent of the flora

here is endemic.

If you can’t spot any animals in the wild, see them in the Michel-Corbasson Zoological and Forest

Park or in the Aquarium des Lagons, as both have good collections.

Spend Your Holiday in Paradise

Getting Back to Nature in New Caledonia

The animals, vegetation, beaches, weather and the reefs make New Caledonia a real paradise spot

for a holiday.

It is the perfect place to stay for a while or for a visit as part of your cruise, which you may be able

to find using a online.

Make sure you try out various activities when you arrive, that will allow you to see the best of its

natural surroundings, and consider going for a hike into the heart of the island if you get the chance.

Enjoy Your Time in New Caledonia

Getting Back to Nature in New Caledonia

One of the best things about New Caledonia is that it is not far from Australia, so you can easily visit

by booking a short flight.

It is also a popular stop on cruises in the region, so you may want to see it this way instead.

However you plan your visit, and however long you stay, try to see some of the above attractions and

enjoy the natural beauty of New Caledonia.

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