Today more than ever, the world is advocating for a more active lifestyle. It involves living a more fitness-focused lifestyle and abstaining from sedentary practices such as binge-watching your favorite shows television or spending hours on your computer. Outdoor activities offer the most straightforward avenue to boost your body activity, get your blood pumped, take in the fresh air, and increase your metabolism.

While sitting down, and being a lazy slob offers health-related issues that might expose individuals to chronic diseases, outdoor activities present their fair share of problems. Being an outdoor enthusiast inevitably has risks. While venturing into the outdoors might seem like a fun escape from a draining work-home routine, sometimes, the unthinkable or unexpected happens. The following are some potential problems that may turn your fun outdoor experience into a nightmare.



Animal Attacks

When going into a trail, game reserve, forest, or trail, we all expect to encounter some sort of wildlife. But no one expects an attack. It’s important to note that animals are very territorial creatures, and while venturing out feels more like exploration, for some animals, it’s about protecting their territory.

Some animal attacks will happen right in your backyard, including squirrel attacks, snake bites, raccoon attacks, wasps, and bee stings. In the wild, there’s a risk of getting attacked by wild cats, horned herbivores, fish, and many others.

Using Active Vacations to Recharge Your Batteries


It doesn’t matter what activities you plan; there’s always a risk of injuries from outdoor sporting events, hiking, camping, fishing, among others. A simple slip, fall, or misstep could lead to an injury. There are several outdoor-related injuries from simple bruises to the complicated bone and spinal injury.

recommends taking precautionary measures by dressing appropriately for each event. For instance, when going for a hiking event, make sure you are in the recommended attire, avoid venturing out on your own, and always head out with a trained professional or someone who is familiar with the trail. While injuries can be unavoidable, most can be prevented.

Go Out Prepared: Commons Issues for Outdoor Activities

Weather Changes

While the weather forecast is a treasured human intelligence discovery, sometimes, our predictions can be a bit off. Unexpected weather happens all the time, and it’s not uncommon to head out to the beach on a sunny summer weekend only to experience harsh tides or stormy weather. In Asia, unexpected weather is often the number one killer of adventure travelers.

Heavy rainfall can turn a trail into a muddy river. It could also flood, breaking bans, and destroy bridges leaving hikers stranded. Bad weather could get you stuck out in the wild for days without food, clean drinking water, and a means to contact the rescue services.

Go Out Prepared: Commons Issues for Outdoor Activities


Accidents can happen anywhere and to the most confined individual. For your safety, it is essential to prepare for them in advance. Outdoor activities often present more risks of accidents, and it is a good idea to go prepared. If you are heading out into the wild far from health services and amenities, it’s always a good idea to carry a first aid kit, and also know how to perform first aid.

It’s also important to know who to contact and how to get to the nearest health facility or rescue center. According to a leading , several people lose their lives in outdoor activities to accidents that can easily be mitigated by first aid or by contacting the right rescue services.



Bottom Line

Outdoor activities often present danger due to the high level of activity required; they also offer exponential benefits for individuals involved, improving their quality of life and help keep chronic diseases at bay. They are also a great way to relax, boost your brain energy, and network. Nonetheless, no matter what outdoor event you are planning to attend, make sure you go prepared, follow instructions, and, most importantly, enjoy the experience.


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Go Out Prepared: Commons Issues for Outdoor Activities - Outdoor activities help you to boost your body activity, get your blood pumped, take in the fresh air, and increase your metabolism. Being an outdoor enthusiast offers great benefits as well as significant risks. Here are some problems that may turn your fun into a nightmare. #outdoors  #outdooractivities   #outdooractivityrisks   #outdooractivitypreparation  #preventinginjury  #accidents