We all love amazing nature images. Whether it is a photo capturing animals in their natural environment, a photo capturing sceneries, or that photo of birds moving in the beautiful sky. Nature is marvelous but many of us tend to imagine it takes a pro to take those lovely nature images you see around. Well most of them are taken by pros but still, anyone can learn to take some lovely nature images and we are going to share with you few tricks to guide you through.


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Find a Cheap But Good Quality Camera

A Guide To Taking Amazing Nature Photos

Who said you need an expensive digital SLR camera to capture marvelous nature images? Frankly, a good camera usually translates to high quality nature images but it is not the magic wand!  Of course, high end DSLR cameras come with things like a macro setting and zoom lenses which can help deliver perfect shots.

That said, most features are not only limited to expensive DLSR cameras given that you could get some nice shots with a nice smartphone camera. Let’s just say, you can start out with a smartphone then you can shift to a professional camera once you are ready to grow as a photographer. But, if you can afford a camera then why not go for it!


Master Some Photography Tricks

A Guide To Taking Amazing Nature Photos

Now that you have a camera, it’s time to learn some few tricks that will help you take great . Here are a few tricks of the box:

  • Don’t Put The Subject At The Center

A Guide To Taking Amazing Nature Photos

Nature photography is quite different from things like fashion photography where the subject is mostly at the center of the shot. In matters nature, it is more about capturing the entirety of the world as it looks.

  • Use The Rule Of Thirds

A Guide To Taking Amazing Nature Photos

Don’t freak out! The rule of thirds is a fairly bombastic photography phrase used to describe placement of objects in a frame.  In other words, you are required to split your shot into nine equal sections using two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines. The idea here is that you can place the horizon and the ground the lower third of the divide whilst placing the sky and the top two thirds-or vice versa.

  • Position Yourself For The Perfect Shot
    A Guide To Taking Amazing Nature Photos

The fun part of photography is that you get to experiment around and what better way to do so than to adapt your position depending on the surroundings? For instance, if there is a bird perched on the handrail next to awaterfall, you can position yourself to capture the bird and by extension draw the attention of the viewer to the waterfall.


Take Lots of Photos

A Guide To Taking Amazing Nature Photos

When it comes to taking nature images, the more shots you can take the better. Now, those marvelous pics we see out there aren’t taken with one click of the shutter. Professional grade photos are just a select few of many taken.  Taking the right shots isn’t just a matter of being at the right place at the right time. Some great ones might be those you took accidentally. So, take as many photos as you can then you can take your pick later.


Final Remarks

A Guide To Taking Amazing Nature Photos

The ball is in your court now! It’s time to start your photography expedition and you don’t need deep pockets to get started. Start taking nature images using your phone! Just learn a few photography tricks then move out to take those breathtaking shots you have been craving for.


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