Healing with Bioresonance Therapy 

“The scientist knows that in the history of ideas,

magic always precedes science,

that the intuition of phenomena anticipates

their objective knowledge”.

Michel Gauquelin 1928-1991


A revelation

Healing with Bioresonance Therapy

A few years ago, I was sitting down to watch a video with a friend; a classical dancer, a Tai Chi Master and a wonderful masseur. I mentioned that I was having a great deal of unexplained pain in my left wrist, and he took my arm and positioned my wrist on his right hand, covering it with his other hand.

We started watching the video and after a few minutes I realized that my wrist was becoming very warm. This didn’t surprise me, but what did surprise me, was that by the time the video was over, about 20 minutes later, the pain had completely disappeared… and it did not return.

When I quizzed him about it, he explained that the electricity running from his one hand to the other was the healing agent. That was my introduction to what I discovered was called bioresonance therapy or energy medicine.

What is bioresonance?

Healing with Bioresonance Therapy

Albert Abrams did a lot of research on the fact that all living cells generate electromagnetic waves in a unique frequency pattern, which can be measured. He delivered his first paper on the subject of measuring “human energy in health and disease” in 1913. Every organ in the body has a specific value and its own vibratory rate.

The rate is constant in a healthy organ but varies a great deal in a diseased organ. The same applies to toxins, pathogens and viruses. Erich Rasche and Ludger Mersmann developed a filter to separate “diseased electromagnetic signals from healthy electromagnetic signals” in 1977 and presented medicine with a very accurate diagnostic tool.

Further investigation revealed that reducing and inverting the pathological oscillations, strengthening the healthy oscillations, and then returning both to the body, encouraged the body to heal itself.

A paradigm shift

Healing with Bioresonance Therapy

Until then traditional healing had always involved chemical intervention. Now research in cell biology, biochemistry and quantum physics was revealing that cells are one hundred times more sensitive to electrical signals than to chemicals.

The was especially exciting in two ways; it was non-invasive and utilized self-healing in a way that had never been seen before and this kind of therapy seemed applicable to treat a wide range of problems, in humans and animals.

Bioresonance therapy has been successful in treating the following:

*chronic and degenerative diseases

*orthopaedic pain

*urinary and reproductive conditions

*gastrointestinal problems

*food intolerances

*circulatory and respiratory problems

*allergies and skin condition

*immune system regulation

*Lyme disease

There have even been promising reports of positive results in relieving depression.

How does it work?

Bioresonance therapy is practiced in 90 countries around the world, mainly in Germany, where there are 3 000 practitioners. It is also popular in the rest of Europe where there are about 5000 centres.

Healing with Bioresonance Therapy

There are many centres in Canada and the USA but only about 100 centres in the United Kingdom. Your first visit to a clinic will involve an assessment including a family medical history etc. The treatment sessions are usually about 30 – 40 minutes.

Healing with Bioresonance Therapy

You will sit or lie comfortably on a modulation mat with your right hand on a metal plate and electrodes connected to your skin. The electrodes attach to a machine, most often it will be a Bicom machine, and your electromagnetic frequency pattern will be recorded.

Healing with Bioresonance Therapy

Your unique pattern will be evaluated against the long established norms to identify deficiencies. The machine will eliminate the disharmonious vibrations and a therapeutic pattern will be fed back to your body via the modulation mat or, in some systems, via your left hand.

Healing with Bioresonance Therapy

The frequency range is enormous and can be anything from 10 – 500.000Hz. This will activate your body’s self-healing capacity in line with the practitioner’s therapeutic plan. You may require several sessions of therapy.

Healing with Bioresonance Therapy

Take a look at this video for more details:

Video: https://youtu.be/Ly2n8lFZMeM

Does it work?

Healing with Bioresonance Therapy

It is astonishing how controversial bioresonance therapy remains. Given that most people accept the fact that electromagnetic radiation from power lines and cell ‘phones can be deleterious and affect health adversely, one wonders why they find it difficult to accept that electromagnetic waves can also be therapeutic?

The research is well documented, has a reasonably long history and research continues daily. There have been recent publications from the Brugermann institute where the “bioresonance therapy” label was coined in 1987, not to mention , by James L Oschman, published in 2000, that presents modern, peer reviewed research that should dispel the suspicions of disbelievers.

Complementary and Alternative Healing Techniques

Healing with Bioresonance Therapy

The classifies Bioresonance as a “Spiritual Cleansing” and notes that practitioners must be properly accredited and licensed.

Many, in fact, probably most practitioners who are comfortable with alternative and complementary healing are gifted with “auric sight”, i.e. they are able to observe the colours of the aura that surrounds every living organism. This aura is the spiritual manifestation of our subtle body and the visible proof of the electromagnetic oscillations discussed above. The Russian inventor, Semyon Davidovich Kirlian, (1898 – 1978) is famous for his photographs of this phenomenon. You can see a photograph of the human aura here:  http://www.energymedc.com/kirlian%20photography.htm.

A British doctor, W. J. Kilner, (1847 – 1920) was credited with the first photograph of the human aura by the New York Times of 5 February 1911. Kilner subsequently invented goggles to enable anyone to see the aura. He published his work in a book called The Human Aura in 1973.

What to believe?

Healing with Bioresonance Therapy

Next time you are facing a health issue, why don’t you locate your nearest Bioresonance Therapy Practitioner? The treatment is non invasive, stimulates your body’s natural self healing abilities and will do no harm. You may be very surprised and pleased with the outcome.

Blessings and Namasté.


Guest post by Roland Dean  


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