It is expected that during adulthood, our bodies change adversely depending on personal aged-based physiognomies. Therefore, each will experience age-related changes based on their genetic make-up, as well as controllable factors such as exercise and poor diet. Individuals undergo maturation as soon as they reach adulthood. It is during this stage our bodies experience degeneration of cells as a result of aging. Typically, arthritis affects individuals who are over 30 years, but there are instances when people are affected by . Arthritis leads to stiffness and joint pain and is typically associated with the genetic make-up of individuals and lifestyle.

During #adulthood, our #bodies change adversely depending on personal aged-based factors. Therefore, we experience #age-related changes based on our #genetic make-up, as well as controllable factors such as #exercise and poor #diet.Click To Tweet

Health at 30 Years

Health Milestones in Adulthood
At around the age of 30, individuals experience changes, such as stiffening and thickening of the lens of the eyes resulting to changes in vision. This results in difficulty in focusing on closer objects, which lead to impaired vision. Moreover, at this age, people begin to develop poor sensitivity to sound, which is worse for men than women. Individuals begin to have thin hair with graying at age 35. It is evident that the skin becomes dry and some small wrinkles can form. The immune system starts to decline, thus less proficient to fighting diseases. Reproduction at this age begins to fall for both genders.
To avoid problems that are likely to rob at this age, individuals ought to seek medical attention from doctors. A doctor could recommend tests such as regular check on blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Moreover, regular weight checks are advisable at this age since it is evident that it proves to be hard to lose weight at this age. Women should have a routine pelvic exam and pap smear to keep cancer and fertility issues checked. Of great importance is protecting eyes by having an eye care provider examine eyes at this age. Additionally, one should check immunizations at this time.

Medical Tests in Your 40s

Health Milestones in Adulthood
The 40s is signaling the time when an individual transitions from young adulthood to middle-age. At this age, there is a likelihood of development of health concerns as a result of aging. There is the possibility of chronic pain at this age, which is likely to arise from back pain, arthritis, and tendonitis. Moreover, there is a likelihood that individuals begin to experience stress, which results from responsibilities individuals face at this age. Additionally, individuals face challenges that come with blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol levels. These conditions, when left untreated, would result in significant severe ailments, such as heart attack and stroke.
At the 40s one should make healthy lifestyle choices. This involves eating right, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and avoiding too much drinking and smoking. Additionally, individuals should seek medical intervention in case of any health complication. Medical examiners should always know genetic factors to help in combating health issues.

Medical Tests in Your 50s

Health Milestones in Adulthood
The 50s are a prime time of an individual’s life cycle. Unfortunately, it is at this age that age-related illnesses affect most individuals. Frequent visits to the doctor help individuals to keep diseases at bay. Among the medical attention that individuals ought to pursue involve colon cancer screening. Additionally, regular exercise and monitoring weight at 50 helps individuals prevent too much weight gain.
Individuals should keep blood pressure at check since blood pressure affects the heart, brain, eyes, and could result in hypertension, if not regulated. Cholesterol and blood sugar profiling should be conducted frequently at this age. Additionally, women should also have a pelvic exam and pap smear to avoid cervical cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV). One should always check on the health of the skin, as well as protecting eyes. Checking on immunizations, such as tetanus, flu shots, and whooping cough is essential at this age.

Medical Tests in Your 60s

Health Milestones in Adulthood
Reaching the ripe age of 60 should be something to celebrate. The health issues should not rob an individual’s happy lifestyle. A preventive task force has put forward recommendations to keep seniors happy and safe as well as healthy. Individuals should always check blood pressure, as this affects the heart, brain, kidneys, eyes, and arteries. Checking on weight is critical to avoid health problems which arise from weight issues.
At this age controlling weight proves to be a real problem due to minimal metabolism. Besides, colorectal and prostate cancer screening should be exercised frequently at this age. For women, breast exam and mammogram should be periodically performed as a cancer threat increases with age. Protection of the eyes, hearing, and bones should be of great importance at this age. Additionally, one should frequently check with the doctor for vaccinations to avoid treatable ailments.
Health Milestones in Adulthood
Follow these guidelines during your milestones and you can be healthy all through your life.
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 Health Milestones in Adulthood - During #adulthood, our #bodies change adversely depending on personal aged-based physiognomies. We experience #age-related changes based on our #genetic make-up, as well as controllable factors such as #exercise and poor #diet. Follow these guidelines to be healthy all through your life.  #adulthood  #doctorvisits  #medicaltests  #aging  #healthyliving #diet  #exercise  #weightloss