During the fall, people get to enjoy special things that aren’t typically enjoyed during other times of the year. So much of fall gets celebrated, and that celebration often comes through the form of unhealthy foods. Candy and pumpkin flavored desserts are everywhere. If you’re giving out gifts, it’s hard to find something that isn’t loaded with sugar or carbs. This year consider giving loved ones a healthy fall gift basket. They’re still a fun gift, if they’re put together with lots of thought and love.

During the #fall, people get to enjoy special things that aren't typically enjoyed during other times of the year. Consider giving out #healthy fall #gift #baskets--put together with lots of thought and love.Click To Tweet
Read on for some ideas for what you can put in your next fall gift basket.
10 Items to Put in a Healthy Fall Gift Basket 

1. DIY Popcorn Treat Bag

Popcorn is something everyone loves to eat all year round, but during the fall, there’s a focus on caramel popcorn. It’s easy to find at any fall fair or festival, but it’s not the healthiest snack you can have.
Instead, pop a treat bag into your basket that’s a sweet popcorn treat. Wrap up a box of low-calorie, butter-free or sea salt popcorn with a tiny container of Stevia or Splenda. It still when you sprinkle the healthy alternative to sugar over the popcorn.

2. All-Natural Banana Bread

Different flavored slices of bread are another fall tradition that usually comes in pumpkin and banana flavors. Picking one up at the store isn’t as healthy compared to making a loaf yourself. You can and lay the slices inside your fall gift basket. They’ll still taste amazing, and you’ll get extra points for devoting your time and energy to what goes in the gift.
10 Items to Put in a Healthy Fall Gift Basket 

3. Herbal Apple Spice Tea

Apples are one of the most popular fruits that get harvested in the fall. Apples are a great gift to give, especially since they when they’re at their freshest.
Don’t worry if you don’t have any apple fields near your home. You can still go to the store and get a good brand of herbal apple spice tea. Herbal teas focus on incorporating as many herbs and natural ingredients into the tea as possible, without adding caffeine. This is a great additive if the person receiving your basket has a sensitive stomach, as herbal teas are meant to calm the digestive system and promote healing.

4. Local Gift Certificate

Gift cards and certificates are an age-old gift that never fails. During the fall, there are lots of events held outside to enjoy the weather before it gets too cold. Look up a local yoga class and get a certificate for a class or two for outdoor meditation. It’ll be fun for your friend to experience, especially if they’ve never tried yoga before.
10 Items to Put in a Healthy Fall Gift Basket 

5. Fall-Inspired Candles

On cool fall evenings, you may enjoy sitting out on your porch, wrapped in a blanket while you watch the sunset. The only thing missing from that scene are a couple of candles. A cozy blanket and fall inspired candles are great additions to any gift basket. Anything that will smell like roasted pies or cinnamon will go great on the counter during any relaxing or fun fall activity.

6. Glow in the Dark Activities

While most people would agree that fall is a great time of year, the sun will begin to set at much earlier times. This makes after-school activities difficult for kids once they get home. Having in the backyard without any good light is hard.
Before you make your basket, and include supplies for one or two of the games with instructions for how to play them. A glow in the dark football or sidewalk paint set will take their fun to a new level and allow them to enjoy the outdoors a little longer.

10 Items to Put in a Healthy Fall Gift Basket 

7. A Sweet Treat That’s Healthy

Different fruits are available in fall that aren’t as ripe or delicious if you get them in the winter or summer. Why not include them in your basket? Check out what seasonal fruits are available at local farms or the farmer’s market near you. Support local businesses by buying fruit grown right down the road from you or and other goodies. Either way, it may help to consider which foods are the best to mail, that way nothing gets spoiled before your basket reaches its destination.

8. Health-Focused Cookbook

Fall brings a lot of baking opportunities with it, especially when it gets close to Thanksgiving. Give the gift of a health-focused cookbook, so your friend will have healthier alternatives when friends and family come over. New recipes are a fun way to spend the time, especially if your friend loves to cook.
10 Items to Put in a Healthy Fall Gift Basket 

9. Low-Cal Snickerdoodles

Cinnamon and fall go hand in hand, which is why snickerdoodles are so popular when the leaves start turning to different shades of reds and oranges. This weekend, for a delicious snack to slide into your gift basket that’s still a healthy option for anyone wanting something sweet.

10. Reusable Water Bottles

A big part of living a healthier lifestyle is staying hydrated. Plastic water bottles cost a lot in the long-term and aren’t good for the environment. Fill your basket with a couple of reusable water bottles. You can get some that have fun designs or monograms on them to make the gift more personal.
10 Items to Put in a Healthy Fall Gift Basket 

Give a Basket This Fall

Traditional gift baskets have lots of cookies and crackers in them, but you can turn that tradition on its head by making a healthy gift basket. In the end, your gift is bound to be a winner because it was put together in an act of love and thoughtfulness.
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 10 Items to Put in a Healthy Fall Gift Basket - During the #fall, people get to enjoy special things that aren't typically enjoyed during other times of the year. Consider giving out #healthy fall #gift #baskets--put together with lots of thought and love.  #fall   #fallgiftbasket   #giftbasket  #healthygifts  #healthygiftbaskets #seasonalgifts