As parents, getting our kids to acquire healthy habits while they are still young is extremely important. We always want what is best for our children even if we have to force them into making something “horrendous” (at least to them) a habit, such as eating vegetables. Children can easily pick up a habit—both good or bad—whether it’s at school or at home where they spend most of their time. One of the main responsibilities of parents is to ensure that their children learn healthy habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

As #parents we want to ensure that our #children learn #healthy habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Here are 10 #habits to make your kids’ lives (as well as yours) easier, healthier, and happier.Click To Tweet

Here are 10 healthy habits to make your kids’ lives (as well as yours) easier, healthier, and happier.

1. Never skip your breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. An old saying even advises us to “eat breakfast like a king.” That said, it is essential to get your kids into a regular routine of eating thrice a day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Instilling this healthy habit will lower their chances of skipping their breakfast. Also, make their meals as colorful as you can by including fruits and vegetables to ensure that they get adequate nutrients to stay sharp and energetic throughout the day.
Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids Now 

2. Drink plenty of water

Get rid of sodas and carbonated drinks in your refrigerator and stock up on water instead. You’d be surprised how many kids nowadays end up sick only because of dehydration. Thus, you have to ensure that your kids avoid sugar- and chemical-laden drinks. Encourage them to drink lots of water

3. Wash up

Washing their hands is imperative, especially at mealtime. Explain to them how bacteria and germs of unwashed hands can easily go into the food they are eating and how it can harm their bodies. Teach them to wash their hands with soap and then rinse them properly with water before and after eating, after using the bathroom, and whenever necessary.
Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids Now 

4. Brush your teeth

Brushing their teeth is as important as washing their hands. Kids are prone to tooth decay because of the kinds of food they eat, so it’s best to train your children to develop the healthy habit of brushing their teeth at least twice a day. Also, teach them not to eat anything, especially sweets, after brushing their teeth at night because, obviously, it will defeat the purpose of brushing—unless, of course, they agree to brush their teeth again.

5. Take a bath every day

Getting kids to take a bathe every day is another struggle that many parents face as not all kids enjoy this activity. The best play would be to entice them with a nice bubble bath with some cute floating bath toys. Don’t forget to use sweet-smelling kiddie shampoo and soap as well. Make bathing time a fun session so that they won’t think of it as a “chore.”

6. Sleep early

Children are probably the originators of the phrase “sleep is for the week” because they just can’t keep their energy down even come nighttime. Trust me, I know, because I still remember how I and my cousins would run and scream like crazy when our moms would tell us that it’s time to sleep. Small children won’t completely understand the benefits of sleep, but at least talk to them how sleep recharges their bodies and can turn them into their favorite superhero. Here’s hoping that the superhero part does happen in their dreams.
Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids Now 

7. Limit exposure to digital screens

Digital screens include your television, tablet, mobile phone, computer, and any other device that could strain their eyes. Not only are digital screens harmful to their eyes, but too much exposure to them can also result in restlessness and difficulty in sleeping. Limit their screen time by creating a schedule for them to strictly follow, for example, 30 mins a day only after doing their homework and household chores.

8. Wear sunscreen

Whether your family is off to the beach or a picnic at your neighborhood park or your kids simply want to play outside, make sure that you dab some paraben-free sunscreen lotion on them to protect their skin from the UV rays.

9. Read every day

Many kids enjoy bedtime stories, and if your kids do, then it’s easy to teach them the habit of reading every day. Let reading be part of their playtime routine aside from their bedtime routine so that they can get used to it. Developing your child’s reading skills at an early age can help him succeed in school and in life in general.
Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids Now 

10. Play outside

When the weather is favorable, encourage your kids to play outside. Getting a little bit of sunlight early in the morning is good for their health. Tell them to run around, play ball, or do any kind of physical activity that will encourage them to move and exercise their little bodies. Better yet, play with your children and show them how fun it is to be active.


Healthy habits improve one’s life in many ways than you can imagine. For kids, teaching them healthy habits at an early age while they are still receptive to instruction is much easier than breaking their bad habits later on. Undeniably, some habits are hard for kids to pick on, so as a parent, you just have to be extra creative or resourceful in your ways. If they refuse to do it, you can even bribe them with toys. will surely make them eager to do whatever you want them to do!

What are your favorite tips for teaching your kids healthy habits?
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  Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids Now - As #parents we want to ensure that our #children learn #healthy habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Here are 10 #habits to make your kids’ lives (as well as yours) easier, healthier, and happier.  #healthykids  #healthyhabits  #healthychildren  #kids  #children  #exercise  #playing  #dentalhealth  #healthyeating