Typically, meals delivered to your home or office often consist of fast food or even pizza that is not considered very healthy. However, this notion has changed over time with some companies offering healthy meal delivery options to their customers. They provide a well-rounded and balanced meal that can be delivered prepped or partly cooked, making it easier for you to prepare a meal. Fortunately, the meals delivered are ideal for both children and adults which makes it possible for your family to eat healthily.


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What to look for in a healthy meal delivery service

Healthy Meal Delivery That Will Make Your Life Easier

As so do the companies that provide the service locally and in some cases internationally. Even so, it is essential to choose a company that will deliver as promised and within the agreed timelines. Some other things to consider when selecting a healthy meal delivery services include:


Majority of delivery services that allow customers to order for healthy meals online do their best to deliver them on time. However, it is essential to do some research on the company and read reviews from past clients to get an idea of their reliability. Majority of reviews give you an insight on what customers think of their meal plans and overall service. If the delivery service has a lot of positive reviews, then it means they are dependable and worth ordering from.


The cost of the meal plays a significant role in the type of delivery service you will sign up with. Some companies charge per serving while others have a fee for the entire meal. It is essential to understand the whole cost including shipping costs before deciding on which delivery service to order from. Additionally, have a budget in place for buying the meals so that you do not overspend by ordering excess food that might go bad.

Healthy Meal Delivery That Will Make Your Life EasierNutritional value

Majority of companies that offer delivery services to homes provide information on the type and amount of nutrients in every meal. It is essential to confirm the calorie count of the meal you are ordering so that you can make an informed decision. If you are allergic to certain foods, ensure that you check on the specific ingredients of the meal to avoid any mishaps when the food is delivered.

Variety of meals

Eating healthy does not have to be boring especially if you are ordering meals for you or your family. Find a delivery company that has a diverse menu that allows you to choose different meals for every day so that you are always looking forward to enjoying the food. Ensure that you specify the portions needed per meal to avoid overeating or at worst throwing away leftovers.

Packaging quality

Healthy food delivered to your home should be packaged hygienically and in the agreed portions. It is essential to order from a delivery service that is known for providing fresh food that is in perfect condition to avoid any cases of contamination.


Top 5 favorite healthy meal delivery companies

Healthy Meal Delivery That Will Make Your Life Easier

Even as the food delivery service market continues to grow, there are some that have become quite popular, and they include:

  • Home Chef

Home Chef caters to customers that need protein-based meals which contain poultry or meat bases. However, they can prepare vegetarian meals upon request by a customer. The meals are delivered on a weekly basis but can be customized for those that prefer biweekly or monthly meal plans. Cost of the meals is nine dollars per serving and shipping is ten dollars, for any order under forty-five dollars.

  • Plated

Plated is a popular meal delivery service that offers a diverse menu that includes vegetarian, seafood, meat, and poultry options. Their recipes are ideal for individuals that are looking for quick prep meals that can be quickly done on the home countertop. Customers have an opportunity to choose the meals they need and even specify the number of calories it should contain. Costs for the meals start from twelve dollars with an additional six dollars for shipping, which is quite affordable. To enjoy the services offered by Plated, you need to subscribe to the service to receive meals twice or four times a week, depending on your preference.

Healthy Meal Delivery That Will Make Your Life Easier

  • Martha and Marley Spoon

highlight the fact professional nutritionists create the meals offered by the food delivery service. They have come up with a variety of options that include dairy-free, meat, gluten-free, seafood and spicy meals that can be ordered in various options. The ingredients they provide are fresh and are delivered to a location of your choice with no extra charge for shipping. However, the deliveries do not contain the condiments such as salt, sugar, oil, pepper and many more which might be needed to prepare the meal. In general, the pricing of the meals is quite flexible depending on the number of meals ordered.

  • Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh offers a variety of food delivery plans to their customers with the most popular ones being the Veggie plan, Family plan, and the regular classic plans. These plans are tailor-made to feed one person or several members of a family depending on the one they choose. Majority of their meals have meat, pork, poultry, and seafood except for those listed on the veggie plan. Costs for the meals range from just under ten dollars for the classic plan and eight dollars for the family plan.

  • Sun Basket

If you are a fan of vegetarian, paleo and gluten-free food, then Sun Basket is the perfect food delivery services for you. The company offers meals that are ideal for families from breakfast all the way to dinner as a way of making life easier for their customers. Customers choose their preferred meal from a classic menu whose prices depend on the selected plan. The excellent food costs around sixteen dollars for the classic menu including shipping, while for the family menu the cost is approximately fifteen dollars inclusive of shipping.

Overall, choosing healthy meal delivery services that guarantee meals on a regular basis is a convenient way to save time and remain healthy.


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