As scientists continue to study the effects of climate change and how humans are impacting the planet, it can be easy for us to assume there is nothing more we can do. But that’s where we are going wrong, while the most dramatic changes take place on governmental scales, there are so many ways we can make our days more eco friendly.
Some of the most important environmental efforts include reducing water consumption and conserving energy but, we are going to focus on the most unique and less talked about ways to help the environment.

There are so many ways we can help the #environment and make our days more #ecofriendly--from #walking instead of driving a car, planting a tree, #composting or saying no to #plastic!Click To Tweet
10 Ways to Help the Environment 

1. Walk it out

When it comes to making eco-friendly choices, this is significantly the best way to do so. Putting on a pair of shoes and walking uses less energy than driving a car. Park your car as
far away from the shop as possible, or walk from shop to shop if your destinations are close together.

2.Edible seaweed bubbles

Forget bottled water, Skipping Rocks Lab has  an edible eco-friendly bubble invented to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic on the planet. These water balloons are 100 per cent naturally packaged, in materials extracted from seaweed and plants – making them leak free and convenient. They can also biodegrade in four to six weeks.

3.Eco friendly funerals

You can choose to have a , which is a simple cremation without a service. If you decide on this option, people won’t need to drive to a funeral which would be more eco-friendly – fewer miles means fewer emissions in the air polluting the environment,
10 Ways to Help the Environment 

4.Say no to plastic

Plastic clogs sewage lines, pollutes land and is fatal if swallowed by animals. So, try and use less plastic, reuse what you already have and reduce and recycle your plastic items for a greener world.

5.Switch to LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs cost more than conventional bulbs but the benefits outweigh the cost. They use 25-85% less energy, last 3-25% longer and are much better for the environment.
10 Ways to Help the Environment 


Think about the amount of rubbish you make in a year. By reducing the amount of food waste you produce you could take up less space on landfills. Compost also makes for a great natural fertiliser and it a lot easier to do than you think.

7.Keep track of your rubbish

As strange as it sounds, start logging a weekly record of every food item you throw away. This way you can notice patterns and tweak your food shopping habits accordingly and stop
wasting so much food every month.

10 Ways to Help the Environment 

8.Switch off electrical items

Simply turning off your charger when you’ve finished with it, or turning the light off when you leave a room will reduce your carbon footprint bit by bit.

9.Reduce the amount of paper you use

40% of the worlds commercially cut timber is used for paper. This endangers natural habitats and uses tons of water. Think about your paper bank statement, do you really need them? Change to online banking and bills and you’ll already be saving lots of unneeded paper.
10 Ways to Help the Environment 

10.Plant a tree

Plant a tree and take good care of it. Not only will this save the planet but it will also increase the beauty of your surroundings. It’s necessary to protect nature and keep gardens well preserved.
What are your favorite ways to help the environment?
Share your thoughts and comments with us.

10 Ways to Help the Environment - There are so many ways we can help the #environment and make our days more ecofriendly--from #walking instead of driving a car, planting a tree, composting or saying no to plastic! #environment  #earth  #ecofriendly   #livinggreen  #environmentallyfriendly  #composting