Helping to Make the World a Better Place: Sustainable Global Businesses - Infographic

You’ve probably heard of these popular companies: Ben & Jerry’s, Tesla, Toms, Warby Parker

Kiva and Energy Floors!

Maybe you have even eaten, driven, worn or used their products and services at some time

in your life?

In fact, they are probably some of your favorite brands.

Yes, they are profitable and well-known, but do you know what else these six successful businesses

have in common?

These companies are prime examples of sustainable entrepreneurs–businesses that are

making money while helping to make the world a better place.


“Sustainable entrepreneurs

focus on the 

Triple Bottom Line:

Profit. People. Planet.”


From sustainable ingredients and social activism to zero-emission, eco-friendly vehicles to

micro-financing and green energy, these are the kinds of forward-thinking, socially-conscious

enterprises that eco-conscious people like us like to do business with.

These triple bottom line companies are also sources of inspiration for prospective entrepreneurs.

Ready to learn more about sustainable entrepreneurship?

The infographic below explores the unique business models of several noteworthy, innovative

sustainable entrepreneurs.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Infographic
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Are you currently involved in or interested in exploring sustainable entrepreneurship?

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