You’ve probably seen actress Kimberly Elise in such amazing films as Diary of a Mad Black Woman,

John Q and For Colored Girls as well as the VH1 show Hit the Floor, but you probably did not know

that she was vegan.

She is one of my favorite actresses–and she looks so healthy, fit  and fabulous–so I was delighted to

learn more about her vegan diet and lifestyle.

Like many who transition to a plant-based diet, Kimberly was vegetarian for 10 years before choosing

to—in her words—”go full vegan” 5 years ago.

At that time, Kimberly finally made the decision to remove all animal products from her diet.

Of course she had her own personal reasons for making that decision.

In her case, after Kimberly learned more about how meat and dairy products are brought to the

table as well as a lot more about the abuse of animals, she committed herself to vegan diet and hasn’t

looked back.

According to Kimberly, she has enjoyed many benefits of being vegan…

“There’s a certain energy or vibrance

that happens when you’re eating food

that’s fresh from the earth.”

She was thrilled to discover how much better food tastes…

“I tell people that you don’t realize how

food tastes until you eat vegan.

It’s like something happens to your palate.


And how wonderful and vibrant the flavors of foods that come straight from the earth can be…

“The simplest thing–

a tomato–tastes like the

most vibrant thing on the planet.”

And most importantly, she appreciates the impact it has had on her health and sense of well being…

“My energy is fantastic.

It helps me stay youthful!”

Watch Kimberly’s Video

Want to learn more about Kimberly’s personal vegan journey?

Watch the video PETA shot with her about being a vegan and view her insights and comments

for yourself.

“Some people have said to me

I’ve never met a Black vegan…

so now you have!”

PETA Makes Being Vegan Easier

Her Vegan Journey: PETA Invites You to Meet Vegan Actress Kimberly Elise

With all of books, videos, stores, restaurants and online vegan resources such as PETA,

it’s easy to make the change to eat a plant-based diet.

In fact, you’ll find hundreds of free, delicious vegan recipes and tons of tips

to help you transition to a vegan lifesyle–and plan, shop and prepare plant-based meals–


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Her Vegan Journey: PETA Invites You to Meet Vegan Actress Kimberly Elise

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Are you thinking about transitioning to a plant-based or vegan diet?

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