Throughout our whole history, human are always looking for a magic anti-aging method, a Fountain of Youth, which would stop or at least pause aging. Although the panacea has not been invented yet, various anti-aging tools today allow a person to slow their aging, look younger, and feel more energized. In recent years, human growth hormone (HGH) has been becoming increasingly popular for anti-aging purposes. So, the aim of this article is to address everything you always wanted to know about HGH for anti-aging but were afraid (or did not want) to ask.


“In recent years, human growth hormone

(HGH) has been becoming increasingly

popular for anti-aging purposes.”


So, What is HGH?

HGH for Anti-Aging: Main Questions (and Answers)

HGH, or human growth hormone, also known as somatropin, is a hormone that controls the processes of building and regenerating cells in the human body. It is secreted by our pituitary gland. In the middle of the 20th century, scientists developed artificial HGH designed to treat children and adults who had growth deficiency. However, it was soon discovered that HGH brought some highly positive results for muscle growth, weight loss, and anti-aging for healthy adults.

Why Use HGH to Slow Aging?

HGH for Anti-Aging: Main Questions (and Answers)

As a person ages, their level of naturally produced growth hormone is being steadily reduced. The evidence shows that the levels of HGH decrease by approximately 50% in a decade. For example, if you are 40 years old, your growth hormone level constitute only half of that which you had when you were 30. Scientists associate the decrease of HGH in the body with different aging processes, such as gaining weight, decrease in strength and/or stamina, problems with skin, hearing loss etc. Therefore, one of the ways to slow those and many other aging-related processes is to , which can artificially increase the level of growth hormone in your body.

Is It Even Popular?

HGH for Anti-Aging: Main Questions (and Answers)

The use of HGH for anti-aging is becoming increasingly widespread in the recent years. Even though the use of growth hormone for anti-aging has not been approved by FDA, the growing number of people in the United States take HGH to slow their aging processes. ., more than 100,000 people purchase GH for anti-aging purposes each year in the US, and approximately 30% of Americans who have received prescriptions for growth hormone, obtained them for anti-aging rather than for treating growth deficiency.

Not only HGH for anti-aging is popular in the United States, but men and women from Europe, Canada, Australia and other countries and continents increasingly use it to slow their aging processes. HGH is particularly as more and more movie stars use it to retain youth

Does It Work and Is It Safe?

HGH for Anti-Aging: Main Questions (and Answers)

The popularity of HGH among both ordinary people and Hollywood stars shows that growth hormone for anti-aging is pretty reliable. Studies show that those using HGH to slow aging lose on average almost 5 lb of body fat and experience the similar increase in muscle mass.

HGH for Anti-Aging: Main Questions (and Answers)

At the same time, moderate side effects of taking HGH are possible. joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fluid retention. Besides, there exist some general contraindications for taking growth hormone, such as cancer, diabetes, and/or pregnancy. So you should ensure that you don’t have one of those contraindications before starting a cycle of HGH for anti-aging.

Should I Use HGH for Anti-Aging?

HGH for Anti-Aging: Main Questions (and Answers)

As proved above, HGH does a good job slowing aging processes in your body and especially helping lose weight and increase muscle mass, and a body of research proves it quite solidly. Of course, you should learn the contraindications of HGH and check whether you are okay with potential side effects (which are rare though), but overall you definitely can use growth hormone for anti-aging. When combined with a general healthy way of life, such as proper diet and training, it will bring you great result.


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HGH for Anti-Aging: Main Questions (and Answers)