What Is Holistic Health?

In a word, holistic health is: balance. This is a system of living that perpetuates a balance between body and mind. To put the “self” in balance, you must identify its aspects, and ensure all of them are properly maintained. The “self” that is you isn’t a static thing with only one “nature”. You’re a being that is more than the sum of its parts.

Here’s the thing: the human body is like a time machine with a limit that can be as short as an instant or as long as a century. Who you are is an amalgamation of your life’s totality, not any single moment. Your being, then, isn’t how skinny or corpulent you are. It’s not how lascivious or pure you are. Is a cake the eggs, the flour, the frosting, or the secret seasoning?



A cake is all these things. Likewise, being in a holistic balance requires working out at the proper levels, and eating the right things. When you constantly push your body to its limits, and then a little past, you’ll find your apex of physical endurance. When you eat the right foods, during exercise.

But if you are eating all the right things, and you’re keeping your body fit, you could still damage your mind through too much complacency. Technology can be bad for your mental health. On the one hand, it keeps you complacent physically. On the other, it stirs up your emotions synthetically, and unnecessarily; which affects your body.

Holistic Health: Learn The Basics

Emotions Affect The Body

When you’re angry, you breathe faster, and your blood circulates quicker. Adrenaline starts dripping from your brain into the rest of you, and your skin color may deepen as you become red with rage. Sweat is also likely. Getting angry like this too much will stress your heart, and there are those who have died from becoming enraged with a weak heart.

On the internet, it’s very easy to get worked up about things that—in the bigger picture—don’t even matter. You’ve got to balance your utility of the web if you’re going to be holistically healthy. But there’s even a fourth element to holistic health you need to consider for total balance, and that’s where you’re at in a metaphysical sense.

The mind and body require exercise, food, and balance in activity for proper health. The spirit, the soul—your non-corporeal “essence”: this also requires action in a balanced form on your part, but getting the balance right here is a bit more complicated. To be metaphysically centered means doing the right thing for the right reason.

If you help a homeless person not because you care about them, but because you’re trying to assuage your own personal guilt, all you really do is defer that guilt until a later date. If you feed a homeless person out of genuine human compassion, then by feeding them you simultaneously feed your soul.

Holistic Health: Learn The Basics

A Four-Fold Plan Of Holistic Homeostasis

So, to sum it up, if you want to be holistically healthy, you need to balance what you eat with your physical activity. You need to balance your daily activities such that they’re healthy for your mind, and you need to consider your metaphysical self as well.

You might check out some of the resources at this website,, to get some more ideas on holistic health methods. The truth is, retaining holistic health will require effort on your part, but it’s not impossible. You’ll just have to be active and set your mind to getting your total self at its most balanced homeostasis.


Are you incorporating holistic health practices into your lifestyle?

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Holistic Health: Learn The Basics -  Holistic health is balance. Being in a holistic balance requires working out at the proper levels, and eating the right things.  If you want to be holistically healthy, you need to balance what you eat with your physical activity and actions that are healthy for your mind as well your metaphysical self.  #Holistichealth  #healthyliving  #healthandwellness #holistic  #healthy  #mindbodyspirit