When paying for a home renovation project — and using the earth’s resources to make it happen — you want to make sure the job is worth it. As it turns out, some upgrades will add more value back into your home than others. Your investment could eventually pay for itself if you choose the right renovation to take on. Here are seven home projects to consider.



1. Backyard Patio

Today’s homeowners love their outdoor space and, as an eco-friendly homeowner, you probably appreciate the outdoors, too. So, consider adding a patio onto your abode for a solid ROI. According to Remodeling’s 2019 Cost vs. Value Report, you’ll make about 55% back on your backyard patio project. Therefore, you might not want to embark on this project if your only goal is to add value before selling. But, if you want to enjoy your patio and have it add value to your home over time, then it’s worth your while.

Home Projects That Will Naturally Pay for Themselves

2. Bathroom Remodel

Another tried-and-true, value-boosting renovation project is the bathroom remodel. Buyers love to see upgraded fixtures and finishes in the bathroom. Plus, you can appease your eco-friendly side by installing low-flow toilets and showerheads.

To add the most value to your home, choose midrange fixtures and upgrades — this should give you a 67% ROI. But don’t be shy about choosing luxury options, as an upscale project tends to bring in a 60% return.


3. Exterior Doors

Your home’s curb appeal is essential to buyers — a well-kept exterior will attract them to your property as soon as they pull up for a viewing. So, investing some cash into the exterior can bring you money down the line, especially if you focus on your home’s doors.

For starters, replacing your front door with a steel version brings in an ROI of about 75%. But you’re even better off if you replace your garage door. Some estimates say a new garage door can provide you with 98.3% of a repayment, which is virtually unheard-of when it comes to home renovation. Plus, a well-insulated new garage door can help you cut down heat and cooling loss in winter and summer, thus saving energy to boot.

Home Projects That Will Naturally Pay for Themselves

4. Kitchen Remodel

Much like a bathroom update, a kitchen remodel is always a smart project for homeowners. For an ROI-driven update, stick to minor upgrades. Rather than gutting your entire kitchen, then, you can remove your cabinet doors and replace them with more desirable doors and drawers. You might also consider swapping upper cabinets for open shelving, a cost-effective upgrade that’s currently trendy with homeowners.

From there, installing energy-efficient appliances boosts your ROI, as will a durable, long-lasting flooring upgrade. Clearly, even a minor kitchen remodel can suit your eco-friendly and ROI-centric side. With these types of changes, you can expect about 80% of your money back.


5. New Roofing

As much as you love the earth, you still want to live in a home that’s immune to the elements. Unfortunately, an old or otherwise decaying roof will make that impossible. And, of course, no one will want to purchase a home with a roof in a visible state of disrepair.

So, inspect your roof for any signs that it needs an update. Typically, you’d see missing shingles or tiles covered in moss, for example. Or, if your energy bill has unexpectedly shot up, it could be due to a dilapidated roof. So, consider a full upgrade, and you can expect a nearly 61% ROI.

Home Projects That Will Naturally Pay for Themselves

6. Window Replacement

Again, this project will suit your eco-friendly heart. Old windows tend to get super drafty in months of high or low temperatures. As such, you could be spending way too much to keep your property at a comfortable temperature.

Upgrading your windows is one of the eco-friendliest projects you can take on as a homeowner. Well-insulated, airtight windows will save energy and save you money, too. And, if you swap your current panes for newer vinyl ones, you can expect to earn 73% of your investment back when you sell your home.


7. Stone Veneer

Finally, consider sprucing up your home’s facade with manufactured stone veneer. Since it’s human-made, this material doesn’t require mining or quarrying for stone, which can be damaging to the earth. Plus, manufactured stone often comes from recycled materials, making it even eco-friendlier.

Plus, if you add some stone veneer to the front of your home, you’re looking at a huge ROI. You’ll get about 95% of your money back on such a project, making it a smart addition to your list of must-have home upgrades.

Home Projects That Will Naturally Pay for Themselves

Renovate and ROI

In many cases, home updates cost a lot of money. But if you’re smart about the home projects you choose, your cash will go to good use. You’ll not only improve the look, feel and function of your abode, but you’ll add to its value when it’s time to sell. With any one of the above seven home projects, you will have that kind of win-win.


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