How 6 Vegan Athletes Fuel Themselves for Optimal Performance - Infographic

Do you ever wonder how vegan athletes plan their diets in order to get to the optimal nutrition they

need to accomplish their amazing feats of athleticism?

How does a vegan triathlete fuel herself to keep going and going?

What does a vegan professional swimmer consume to compete and win?

What are the diets of vegan champions like?

I wondered, and so did vegan graphic designer, Claire Skotoe.

She and the team at Pyramid Shop decided to do something about it.

And I’m so glad they did!

Are you wondering what motivated Claire to undertake this project?

Her experiences mirror those of many who make the transition to a vegan/plant-based diet

so you may find it interesting.

In Claire’s own words:

“Why I made it? 

I have been vegan for around 5 months now and although

it has been hard I have lost 2 stone and feel a lot healthier.


Of course, I have had to do a ton of research into what I should

and shouldn’t eat and one of the things I looked into

along the way is how vegan sportspeople get enough

energy to complete some incredible feats of fitness.


Once I started looking into it, I found it fascinating

that most sports people can ignore good diets and that these

vegan athletes were actually consuming a better diet

for their training than some of their meat eating rivals.


I found loads of athletes that I wanted to include

but since there was so much great information

I had to choose a few as the graphic was getting far too long.”

How 6 Vegan Athletes Fuel Themselves for Optimal Performance - Infographic

Claire contacted me to see  if Urban Naturale readers might be interested in learning about

the types of daily meals these athletes typically consumed or what they ate to get enough

protein and other essential nutrients into their diets.

Of course I knew that lots of our readers would be interested–and so would I.

Like many, I struggle with the challenges of optimal meal planning on a regular basis.

Take a look at the detailed infographic below to learn how six outstanding athletes meet

their personal nutritional needs on a vegan diet.

See what you think.

How do their meal plans compare to your own?

What do you think about their diets and lifestyle?

What would you add or change?

Which vegan athletes inspire you most?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.

Vegan Athletes
– An infographic by the team at

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