How GIS Mapping is Transforming Public Health Worldwide - Infographic

Each year, new diseases and epidemics are emerging among populations across the globe.

The challenges to medical and public health professionals are daunting.

Fortunately, as technology advances, new ways of tracking outbreaks are continually evolving.

One of those technologies is powerful tool that is helping epidemiologists monitor diseases and

pinpoint their causes: Medical Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping Technology.

GIS Mapping Technology has become an important tool for transforming public health worldwide.

GIS stores and manages information according to location–providing a means to determine the

incidence and spread of infectious diseases.

These tools are an invaluable way to link disease information with environmental and spatial data,

making it an asset in the progression of worldwide healthcare.

They allow world health organizations to analyze, interpret and display multi-faceted geo-location data.

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The  provides more details on the history, value and applications of medical mapping.


How GIS Mapping is Transforming Public Health Worldwide - Infographic


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