How to Conserve Energy This Winter 

The colder it gets the higher your energy bills get.

It’s this way every year, but somehow it still feels like a surprise, right?

You’ve kept the thermostat low, you’ve put on extra layers but still–your bills are so high!

Surely there are other methods that will actually lower your costs, right?


You’ve kept the thermostat low,

you’ve put on extra layers but still–

your bills are so high!


Here are some energy saving methods that have worked the best for us.

Make Your Space Seem Smaller

How to Conserve Energy This Winter 

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One of the reasons electric bills get so high during the winter is that your heating system is likely

working overtime trying to heat up your entire home.

Even in a small space, if the floor plan is open, this can cause your heater or radiator to work overtime.

Combat this by blocking off the parts of your home that you are not actually using.

Close doors to bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

How to Conserve Energy This Winter 

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If your floor plan is open, the site  sells kits that help you block off the

space using curtains (as heavy or lightweight as you need).

These are a much better option than screens because curtains are easy to tie back whereas, with

a screen, you have to have someplace to store it when you’re ready to break it down.

Cover Your Windows

How to Conserve Energy This Winter 

Nobody wants to be the neighbor that covers their windows in tin foil.

We get that.

And, obviously not everybody can afford or will be allowed to simply replace their windows with

models that are more energy efficient.

How to Conserve Energy This Winter 

You can, however, in clear plastic to keep the heat from leaking out and

the cold air from leaking in.

There are even window films that are created for this exact purpose.

If you’re cash-strapped, even saran wrap or cling wrap is better than nothing.

Rearrange the Space

How to Conserve Energy This Winter 

Arrange your furniture to make the most of your heating sources.

For example, position your desk next to or over one of your heating vents.

This way, while you’re working, you get the full benefit of the heat.

Situate your sofa in front of the fireplace if you have one.

Arrange your living space so that the “stations” at which you spend the majority of your time

are as close to a heating source as possible.

This way you will stay warm without having to crank the heat up all the way.

Space Heaters

How to Conserve Energy This Winter 

have come a long way over the last few years and they can be your best friends

this winter.

Instead of relying on your furnace or wall based heater to do all of the work heating your home,

use a space heater to warm your immediate space and turn your thermostat down a few notches.

It’s true that the space heater does use energy but it costs less to run a space heater for an hour

than it does to crank up your thermostat for the same amount of time.

Just make sure that you choose a space heater that won’t overpower your circuit breaker!

Lock Up Tight

How to Conserve Energy This Winter 

Don’t just close your doors and windows, lock them.

Locking your doors and windows helps keep them more securely in place and, often, keeps

them shut tighter than they’d be if you simply closed them.

Sounds a little crazy, right?

But try it.

The next time you lock your door or window, pay attention to what happens.

You’ll literally feel the door or window shift to fit more tightly into its frame.

This reduces the amount of air that might seep through the seals.

Mind Your Head, Feet, and Hands

How to Conserve Energy This Winter 

Most of the articles you will read on saving money on winter heating bills will tell you to

keep your thermostat down low and to put on extra layers of clothing, like warm sweaters and

thermal under-layers.

This advice is fine, but if you really want to keep warm while your thermostat is down low,

you’ll mind your extremities: your hands, your feet, and your head.

Wear cozy and thermal socks.

Invest in some hand warmers or fingerless gloves to wear around the house.

Put on a warm hat.

These might seem silly, but wait until you feel how much warmer you are with these pieces of clothing.

Cook at Home

How to Conserve Energy This Winter 

Staying in and cooking your own meals is work, yes, but it’s also great for your budget and

for your diet.

When you cook your own food, you have total control over what ingredients you use so you

can make sure your food is healthy.

It’s also great because cooking your own food is cheaper than ordering in or going out.

Finally, when you cook you use the stove and the oven which can help you heat your home

(or, at the very least, your kitchen).

How to Conserve Energy This Winter 

Staying warm and keeping bills low is everybody’s goal during the winter.

Hopefully, these tips will help you out.


What are your favorite tips for staying warm while keeping energy bills low?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.



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