A home without a kitchen cannot be called a home. Most people find themselves feeling alive when they are in the kitchen. It has become everyone’s sanctuary or quiet place after a busy day or in preparation for a busy day.

Perhaps, the same is true to you as well. Maybe you find your kitchen therapeutic to your soul since it’s where you can divert your attention to creating various dishes and delectable meals instead of thinking about pressures and deadlines. Being in the kitchen and doing what you love best are what keep you away from the hustle and bustle of life. You’ll feel happy and recharged for your next battle.

However, if you’re also the type of person who finds recreation somewhere other than the kitchen, and you want to begin hanging out around your kitchenette and utilizing it, know that you’re in the right place.



Hence, whether you’re a very busy person who finds comfort in your kitchen or are merely attempting to find your niche in the kitchen, below are five must-have kitchen utensils that will help you achieve these goals:

How to Cook 'Quick and Easy' With These 5 Must-Have Kitchen Utensils

Mortar and Pestle

Are you a millennial or traditional type of person? Because if you’re a millennial, you’ll enjoy the use of an electric grinder or food processor. If, on the other hand, you’re traditional, you’ll love mortar and pestle. However, even if you’re a millennial, you will find the mortar and pestle amusing and fascinating.

Why? Because you’ll have more control over how pulverized you want the ingredients to be. Further, you won’t tend to cut everything off said ingredients. You won’t miss out on the finer and more subtle oils, chunks, bits, and flavors that emerge from the hand-grinding method with a mortar and pestle. To know more about the best mortar and pestle, you may check out guide here.


Air Fryer

Do you love fried potatoes for snacks or some midnight after? What if you’re craving for some Buffalo wings and tacos, and you’ve had enough exhaustion for the day that you can’t even lift a finger to gather the ingredients? Perhaps, you’ve always loved fried foods, but too much oil always caused you to get that bloated feeling? If you answer yes to all these questions, an air fryer must-try, and must-have kitchen utensil.

An air fryer is one of the most innovative kitchen tools invented since it offers you a different cooking method. Commonly, we use oil for cooking food. But amazingly, with this air fryer, we make use of hot air to cook the food.

So imagine what good it will bring to your health. This useful kitchen tool certainly won’t make your dishes oily, fatty, and filled with bad cholesterol. As such, this will be beneficial to your heart and kidney as you won’t saturate your system with too much oil.

How to Cook 'Quick and Easy' With These 5 Must-Have Kitchen Utensils

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Garlic Crusher

Cloves of garlic have many health benefits. They are also even used for beauty regimens. But they are most famous for their remarkable effects on delicious dishes and tasty meals like pasta, salads, soups, or rice that is typically turned into garlic rice.

However, adding garlic to these dishes is quite tedious as you have to crush it with a knife and with all your energy and might. It will be a waste of time, and instead of enjoying cooking, you’ll end up tired and drained. This will not be the case if you have a garlic crusher.

A garlic crusher makes the cooking easier and faster because it will only take less than thirty seconds to crush the garlic. Moreover, it keeps you away and other kitchen tools from its lingering smell since you won’t need to hold the garlic itself. Thus, it is indeed very convenient for you.


Bag Sealer For Plastic Bags

While a bag of chips is not necessarily ideal for your health, enjoying this once in a while is not a sin. The joy of eating chips and junk foods is undeniable. There are those moments where you crave these foodstuffs. However, chances are, you may tend to go overboard and overbuy to satisfy these cravings. And it tends to be messy because certainly, you won’t finish it.

Thus, the bag sealer is the solution. You can seal the bag of chips again and place it in the fridge. You don’t need to force yourself to finish it or throw it in the trash bin. All you have to do is preserve it again neatly with the help of a bag sealer.

How to Cook 'Quick and Easy' With These 5 Must-Have Kitchen Utensils

Roast Cutting Tongs

Of course, the roast is everyone’s beloved. It’s perfect for all occasions: Thanksgiving, birthday, anniversary, wedding, intimate get-together, and whatnot. That is why you’ll be needing roast cutting tongs that will carve the roast perfectly and gently and without piercing the beef so that the juices escape smoothly.

More importantly, you won’t worry about anything because your roast will be evenly sliced to the satisfaction of yourself and your guests.




Cooking will be your new favorite hobby, whether you’re busy or just attempting to fit it into your system. With these five must-have kitchen utensils, cooking will always be manageable.


What are your favorite kitchen utensils?

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